Hello all movie fans friends, today I want to know about some things by making you all king. Well imagine you are a king, you have a loving wife, children, a huge kingdom with abundant wealth and everything is being run beautifully and successfully.

After having a fully successful king and everything in the kingdom, would you feel restless? And if you still feel restless, then what do you feel restless for? What could really be the reason why you still find peace after all, being a king?

You will see the true story of a king and his kingdom in a very realistic way, which still holds true today! You can see and know all these things through today's amazing movie. Let us introduce you to the movie -


Movie Name - Kantara.
Movie Release Date - September 30, 2022.
Movie director - Rishab Shetty.
Movie IMDB Rating- 8.8 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 4.5 out of 5.
Movie Genre – Drama Thriller.
Movie Run Time - 2 Hours 30 Minutes.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Kannada.

Main characters of the movie:

The characters in the movie are very realistic, their names are - Vinay Biddappa (Siva), Sapthami Gowda (Leela), Manasi Sudhir (Kamala), Achyuth Kumar (Devendra), Naveen D Padil (Lawyer), Pramad Shetty (Sudhakara), Deepak Rai Paanaje (Sundara).


Movie Twists:

1) In the movie we see such an unfortunate king, who could not find peace despite doing all kinds of good deeds.
2) Good communication process of donating for peace.
3) The extraordinary diplomatic and destructive activity of instilling life-long unrest in people in pursuit of peace.
4) Sudden disappearance of Siva's father.
5) Thoughts and actions of the current king of the village to use Siva for his own purposes and to make a sacrificial path.
6) The scene where Siva beautifully threatens Raja at the dinner table in his house.


The movie can be seen in:

1) In the movie Frothmei, the King of Karnata State of India is seen to have no peace of mind.
2) Even after having all the worldly things that a king should have, there is still a great lack of peace in the king's mind.
3) The scene where the king seeks peace and finds his peace in the abnormal by breaking the normal.
4) Scene of Ajanma pact with Panjali Dev demanding the protection of the villagers to take Panjali Dev to the king's palace.
5) The movie has a wonderful romantic scene between the main character Siva and his lover.
6) Compassionate Siva Mother of a wonderful and ruling nature.
7) A greedy and scheming village king, who, greedy for the land gifted by his forefathers, invades the village with dire consequences.
8) Actions of the villain-like evil-minded king and his final gruesome fight.
9) Sudden entry of Panchali Dev into Siva's body and a wonderful cultural dance and miracle village tradition in Karnataka state.


Movie Review:

The movie portrays such a king, where the true events of the Karnataka state in 1847 can be seen realistically in the present day. A successful and wealthy king who is not getting peace of mind by any means. As a result he starts searching for peace and finally finds peace with Panjali Dev and wants to take the stone for his royal palace.

But the people of the village do not want to take it and then the Panjali Dev entrusts it to one of the villagers and asks the king as a condition to protect the people of the village and to donate the village land to the villagers for life as far as his word goes and later someone from the king's family can ask for this land back. If they go, Panjali Devi will kill them.

We can see realistically in the present scenes that the king left in 1847 to seek his own peace, leaving behind a terrible turmoil for the future. And there the present descendant of the king started a fight between the government and the villagers to get back all the land in the village.

And then the current king of the village had a terrible fight with the hero Siva of that village. Where once there is a huge loss to the villagers, Panjali Dev fills Shiva inside and solves all the problems by killing the current king with a horrible death.

And thus the life struggle of a different cultural group of village people through series of problems, intrigue, romanticism, action and belief in spiritual powers can be seen in the movie beautifully.


The movie has very skillfully portrayed a wonderful cultural tradition through the life style of the villagers of Karnataka state and a true story of the greedy king and the villagers, which has really created a unique feeling. Those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, must watch the movie and let us know how you feel.

Thanks for taking your time to know about the movie and watching the movie.


looks great movie. surely I will watch it later on!


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