Love Today (2022)

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Hello movie lover friends, how are you all? Ever since the creation of man, there is a love relationship between man and man, man and woman, man and nature, man and all creations. But ever since greed, pride, selfishness, lies and violence have found a place in the human mind, the beauty of love, happiness and peace have been destroyed from human life. Yet we have known about extraordinary love stories throughout the ages and some extraordinary love stories are still known today. The most important thing is that the love that used to be trust, beauty and honor between people has turned into fraud, dirty and shameful form in the present modern age.

The love that is simple, beautiful and built on trust has been eroded by complexity, filth and mistrust in today's technological age. As a result, it can be seen that the present-day young men and women have become more artificial fake love than real love. The very technology that was created to make people's lives easier, more beautiful and better is the same technology that has made people's lives confusing, difficult and needlessly competitive. Today I will tell you about such a wonderful movie, through which one can see and know very realistically about the love relationships between the young men and women of today. Let us introduce you to today's new movie.


Movie Name - Love Today.
Movie director and story writer - Pradeep Ranganathan.
Movie Genre – Romantic Comedy Movie.
Movie Based On - App(a) Lock
by Pradeep Ranganathan.
The cinematography of the movie is done by - Dinesh Purushothaman.
Movie Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja.
Run time of the movie - 2 hours 34 minutes.
Movie release date - 4 November 2022.
IMDB rating of the movie - 8 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 4.5 out of 5.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Tamil.


The important roles in the movie were played by:

The movie stars Pradeep Ranganathan as Uthaman Pradeep as the romantic hero and Ivana as Nikitha Iyengar as the romantic heroine. Aajeedh Khalique as Revi has done a great job as the villain in the movie. Radhika Sarathkumar as Saraswathi, Sathyaraj as Venu Shastri Iyengar, Akshaya Udayakumar as Shwetha, Yogi Babu as Dr. Yogi, Raveena Ravi as Divya, Prathana Nathan as Namitha, Bharath as Mani, Adithya Kathir as "Olu" Bhaskar, Vijay Varadaraj as Kaushik, Gurubaai as Nikitha's Instagram follower, Master Arav as Pultheesh and Navin Krubhakar as Mamakutty.


Interesting facts of the movie:

1) An interesting incident of Pradeep and his mother can be seen with the brace light given by Nikitha.
2) Interesting scene of Nikitha and Pradeep listening to Nikitha and Pradeep's romantic love story through her father's Bluetooth headphones of Nikitha's phone.
3) An interesting test of love between Nikitha's father Pradeep and Nikitha's phone exchange is seen.
4) Interesting romantic love story of Nikitha and Pradeep is available to watch.
5) Divya's future husband Dr. Divya's mother and aunt's interesting words about Yogi Dr. Yogi is available to listen live on the phone.
6) Interesting behavior with Nikitha's father Pradeep can be seen.
7) Pradeep and Nikitha can be seen engaging interest with their secret cheap love on their phones.
8) Dr. Interesting case of Yogi keeping his phone away from his wife-to-be.


Important events of the movie:

1) After Nikitha lies to her father Venu Shastri about the new phone gifted by her lover Pradeep, Venu Shastri remains silent even with a smile.
2) Venu Shastri is seen very cleverly putting Nikitha's bluetooth headphones in his ear to find out about Nikitha and Pradeep's love.
3) Pradeep is seen lying to his mother about the bracelet gifted by Nikitha.
4) Venu Shastri as a very wise man is seen testing Nikitha and Pradeep's love by exchanging phone numbers for a day.
5) It is seen how a young man and a young woman of today are destroying their personality by misusing technology.
6) Learn how doubt can turn a good relationship into a bad one.
7) Kaushik left social media and gained respect from his office colleagues by making a video of crow toileted food packets and giving them to poor people and secretly loved Nikitha.
8) Nikitha reluctantly goes on a long drive with her X and Pradeep tries to talk to multiple girls.
9) Kaushik abuses technology and uses Nikitha's picture to post porn on social media.
10) If the love between two people is true and deep then no problem can keep them apart.
11) Divya and Dr. can learn about the mistakes that people make in life by talking about people's appearance instead of their personality in our society. Through Yogi's family marriage.


Movie Review:

Pradeep and Nikitha's romantic love can be seen at the beginning of the movie. However, both of them fall in love without informing their families and soon they raise suspicions with the gifts they give themselves. Nikitha's father Venu Shastri, being a wise man, interestingly learns of his daughter's love and asks Pradeep to meet him. As a result, Pradeep very politely goes to meet Nikitha's father and there, like a very wise man, makes a proposal to both of them, which is that they will exchange their phones for three days and after three days if they love each other, Venu Shastri will marry them. will agree

While exchanging phones both of them are confused and both of them try their best to get their phones back. However, due to this phone exchange, Pradeep finds out that Nikitha secretly goes on a long drive with her ex-boyfriend as well as they still talk and also gets to know about Revi's proposal, which makes Pradeep very angry with Nikitha. But Pradeep's anger doesn't last long when Nikitha finds out that Pradeep used to talk to many girls before and Nikitha gets angry and upset.

On the other hand, it can be seen that Pradeep's sister is getting married and there Pradeep's sister Divya is her future son-in-law Dr. Yogi is worried as he can't pick up the phone. But everyone is not like Nikitha and Pradeep Dr. It is known by listening to Yogi. Amidst all the problems, Nikitha's office colleague Kaushik misuses technology to publish porn using Nikitha's picture, which causes Nikitha's father to suffer and Nikitha angrily storms out of the house. However Pradeep realizes this and finds Nikitha and returns home realizing all his mistakes. As well as Kaushik being handed over to the police for porn, Pradeep and Nikitha's love is finally consummated through marriage.


Through the movie, the secret and real problems of the technology-dependent life of our present-day youth and young women are beautifully shown through a romantic story, which will help the young generation to find true love in real life. I liked the story, acting, cinematography, music, comedy, educational content of the movie. Anpara who loves to watch romantic comedy drama movies watch today's new movie and definitely comment how you like the movie.

Thank you very much to all of you for knowing about today's interesting movie. Stay well everyone and always try to stay healthy.

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It's been a while i watch love movie of this type in Bollywood and looking at this review written i am very triggered to check this movie out which i will download soon and watch myself not to miss out on any. Thanks for sharing