Plan A Plan B (2022)

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Hello movie lover friends, how are you all? Today I will tell you some important things about marriage. Well, tell me, is marriage good or bad for people? I tell you, marriage is a most important chapter for every human being, through which people can be good sometimes and bad sometimes. Talking about how people can be happy or live well through marriage, a man or woman can live a happy and good life when they marry their right life partner.

Again, when a man and a woman marry the wrong person, those people have to live the most difficult life in their married life. So it can be easily said that some people can be happy in life by marrying the right person, but many people make their life miserable by marrying the wrong person. True marriage is religiously obligatory for all women and men, but our current generation is becoming apathetic towards marriage. The reasons are also very simple, most of the children do not know about marriage and the younger generation wants to live independently. Moreover, the young generation does not see happy life through marriage from our families, due to which they become apathetic towards marriage and ruining their lives through leaf together relationships.

Through the wonderful movie that I will tell you about today, you can get very beautiful and practical knowledge about marriage. Also, if married to the wrong person, how those people can make their life happy and beautiful again through divorce. Just as a marriage makes two people happy by bringing them together, sometimes by separating two people through divorce, people can sometimes be happy and get a chance to marry the right person. And we will see this whole thing through a wonderfully loving scene between a wedding planner and a divorce lawyer. Let us introduce you today's interesting and amazing movie.


Movie Name - Plan A Plan B.
Movie Director - Shashanka Ghosh.
Movie story writer - Rajat Arora.
Movie Genre – Romantic Comedy Movie.
Movie Based On - Just as marriage brings happiness in people's lives, so also through divorce, people get a chance to be happy in life through remarriage.
The cinematography of the movie is done by - Jaya Krishna Gummadi.
Movie Music - Bann Chakraborty and Yug Bhusal.
Run time of the movie - 1 hour 46 minutes.
Movie release date - 30 September 2022.
IMDB rating of the movie - 4.7 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 3.4 out of 5.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Hindi.


In the movie the important roles were played by:

In the movie, Tamannaah Bhatia as Dr. played a great role as the heroine. Nirali Vora as hero and Riteish Deshmukh as Advocate Kosty in the lead role. Other important roles in the movie include Kusha Kapila as Seema, Poonam Dhillon as Kiran Vora, Pooja Singh as Taruna, Bidita Bag as Mrs Runjhun Chougule, Heli Vyas as Serena, Neeta Mohindra as Pushpa and Dilshad Patel as Preeti.


Interesting Facts of the Movie:

1) First of all, Nirali gives the wedding board to the taxi driver and interestingly drives the taxi to attend the wedding ceremony.
2) Interesting incident of Nirali's mother Kiran crying at the last marriage ceremony of Kiran as Ghatak.
3) It is interesting to see Nirali's metromoney office and divorce lawyer Kosty's office facing each other in the same flat.
4) Interesting friendship story of Kabir and Nirali can be seen and known.
5) Interesting incidents of Kosty falling asleep while dancing at a late night party can be seen.
***6) Nirali and Kosty are always having an interesting fight. ***
***7) Interesting episode of Kosty teaching everyone to dance for Kiran's birthday party. ***
8) Kosty interestingly ran away from the office before his wife arrived.
9) Interesting incident of Nirali drinking alcohol and calling Kosty to be shy and both sneaking into their office.
10) Interesting love affair between Kosty and Nirali.


Highlights of the movie:

1) At the beginning of the movie, a psycho doctor Nirali takes responsibility for his mother's marriage matronial matchmaker business.
2) Nirali's mother Kiran retires from work by getting married at the end of her life.
3) Divorce la Yar Kosty after successfully divorcing his client also presented the client with a nice alternative way to solve his problem.
4) Just as marriage can bring happiness in people's life, similarly many people get a second chance to be happy in life through divorce. This can be seen and known very beautifully.
5) Case of Kosty giving business proposal to Nirali for the profit of his business and giving back to Kosty.
6) The story of Nirali not being able to forget her dead lover and Kosty running away without divorcing his wife even after becoming a divorce lawyer.
7) A fight of words between a woman protagonist and a divorce lawyer and a wonderful chemistry develops between the two.
8) Case of wife Runjhun cheating with Kosty and having a living relationship with her office boss.
9) Through the divorce of Kosty and his wife Runjhun, Nirali and Kosty's love is fulfilled through marriage.


Movie Review:

The beginning of the movie shows the last wedding ceremony of the matchmaker matronial and Nirali rushes to her mother with the name board of their company at her wedding ceremony. There, it is revealed that Nirali is a psychologist and has taken over her mother Kiran's matchmaker wedding company. But on the other hand, Kosty, a divorce lawyer, completes a client's divorce through the court with all his arguments. It is known that Kosty considers marriage to be the highest institution of human life. On the other hand, it is known that Nirali likes people to create a new beautiful relationship through marriage.

Nirali comes to the match maker company with her mother and reports the problem to her mother whenever she sees a divorce lawyer's office in front of their office. But Nirali's mother nicely explains to her that half of a flat is their office and the other half is their office so she has to run the company according to everything. On the other hand, divorce lawyer Kosty comes to the office and gives Nirali his card to give her a business proposal. But Nirali rejects this offer and asks Kosty to leave. Nirali is unable to forget her loved one even after his death and loves no one. Also Kosty's wife Runjhun cheats on him and Runjhun develops an affair with his office boss and tries to divorce Kosty.

It can be seen that Kosty dances to forget his sorrows and hires different girls from time to time to spend his loneliness, but Kosty loves his wife so much that he does not have any physical relationship with any of the girls. On the other hand, Kosty and Nirali are seen fighting in the office, when Kosty's wife Runjhun comes to meet for divorce, Kosty runs away and Runjhun talks to Nirali. As a result, Nirali learns that even though Kosty is a very honest, caring person, Runjhun wants to divorce her and Kosty is getting away with it. When Nirali finds out about this, she once had drinks with her girlfriend and calls Kosty while drunk and insults Kosty as a coward who, despite being a divorce lawyer, is unable to divorce his wife.

Nirali's mother's birthday comes between the two and Kosty takes it upon himself to do the dance practice on the occasion of the birthday. Kosty and Nirali develop a romantic relationship at the birthday dance, causing Kosty to pull away from his wife when they try to have a physical relationship. It follows that Kosty divorces his wife before the birthday party, and a divorce lawyer's love affair with a ghoul is beautifully consummated through marriage. As a result of which it is very well understood that through divorce many times people have the opportunity to get the right person in their life as a partner.


Through the story of the movie, the people of our society have been shown very beautifully that people can get married in their life and start their life beautifully even after marrying the wrong person through divorce. I like the movie story, cinematography, romantic love story, music. Those of you who love romantic comedy movies should watch today's interesting movie and let us know how you like the movie in the comments.

Thank you all so much for knowing about today's interesting movie. Stay well everyone and always try to stay healthy.

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