Republic (2021)

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Hello movie loving fans, how are you all? Today I will show you a very real picture of the overall situation around us. In the country or society we are living in, we can know very well about the distorted system of the people and the living system of the inheritors of that system as well as how all the sectors are occupied by people with corrupt mentality. Well, tell me, are there no good people in our country, or are all people corrupt!

Once upon a time people used to do politics for the good of the country and the people of the country. But the golden age of politics has been taken over by the corrupt many years ago. As a result, when people in a country protest against corruption and try to suppress corruption, the corruption is perpetuated by killing those good-hearted people very well. The reason for this can easily be said that the number of good people has decreased abnormally compared to bad and corrupt people.

As a result, when someone speaks out against injustice or tries to stand up against injustice, they lose and become corrupt themselves in the same way that corrupt people do when they need to save lives. As a result, it can be seen that all the sectors around us are in the hands of corrupt people. Because of all this, all the corrupt people, including the common people, accept the exploitation of the poor families. This is how our country and the common people of the country have been imprisoned by the oppression and exploitation of corrupt people for ages.

In the movie we will learn about today, we will get a great idea of the corrupt political system of a country and how the people of a country become corrupt at all levels. Let us introduce you to today's interesting and realistic movie.


Movie Name - Republic.
Movie director and story writer - Deva Katta.
The cinematography of the movie is done by - M. Sukumar.
Movie Music - Mani Sharma.
Movie Genre - Political Drama.
Movie based on - Corrupt political system and corrupt people.
Run time of the movie - 2 hours 32 minutes.
Movie release date - 1 October 2021.
IMDB rating of the movie - 7.9 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 4.8 out of 5.
Movie Country - India.
Movie Language - Telugu.


The movie stars in important roles:

In all the movies we see Sai Tej as Collector Panja Abhiram as the hero. Jagapathi Babu as Deputy Collector Panja Dashrath, Ramya Krishna as 'Visakha' Vani, a corrupt politician, Ravi Raja as CM Indhukuri Vishnu Vardhan, Srikanth Iyengar as SP Gopal Rao and Sai Dheena as Guna have portrayed the corrupt system of a country. Along with this, Aishwarya Rajesh as Myra Hansen, the main female character as an NRI, has done an excellent performance as a victim. Moreover, every character of the movie has acted wonderfully in all the movies.


Important points of the movie:

1) First we have our main character Abhiram being punished for speaking out against blind superstitions and lies.
2) The story of how brilliant youths like Abhiram become well-educated themselves and distance themselves from their corrupt father.
3) Incidents of how corrupt leaders come to power illegally and buy people's votes during elections.
4) The phenomenon of how sick people of a country vote in exchange for money.
5) The story of how an NRI family faces destruction by fighting corruption.
6) The case of how all the work sectors of a country become corrupt and how corrupt leaders take over all the institutions.
7) The fact that corruption in a country cannot be prevented if all parties including the government party of a country are corrupt.
8) The story of how government and opposition leaders force the people of a country to become corrupt by exploiting them.
9) The story of how people from all strata of a country are enslaved.
10) Incidents of brutal consequences for those who protest against the corrupt and those who try to prevent injustice.
11) Along with the incident of how the illegal river trade and fish trade spread dangerous diseases like human death.
12) The case of how violent humans become like animals and become killers.
13) The story of how leaders of a country become political leaders with a mindset of revenge.
14) When the people of a country are so bad, they kill those who help the people in danger.


Interesting fact of the movie:

1) Our main character Abhiram's story of overcoming prejudice.
2) Interesting incident of conversation between Abhiram and his corrupt father.
3) Incident of Abhiram's clever niece's child love.
4) Incident of Abhiram's extraordinary brilliant academic career.
5) Interesting story of Abhiram joining IAS for the betterment of the country and the people of the country, giving up his dream of getting admission in IIT.
6) Interesting incident of getting votes by giving money to voters during elections.
7) People vote for whoever they want with money given by corrupt leaders.
8) Interesting characteristic of being selfish and greedy among people of all levels of the country.


Movie Review:

In the movie, we first see a scene where fish are farmed in a river and fed with toxic chemicals. It is also seen that most of the fishes are affected by disease and all the water in the river has become poisoned. After that, it is seen that there are some fishes which live by eating underwater green plants and those fishes are eaten by some monster fishes. When the monster fish have finished eating the other fish, they start eating themselves.

Then exactly such a life picture can be seen beautifully in the human life management system. The reality of our country is no different, as a result of which corruption and injustice have spread like poison among people. Corruption in all kinds of work sectors, from the leadership positions in a country, can be seen as a consistent example of reality.

Anyway, in the movie we will see through the main character of a conscious, well-educated and brave young man, how a young man has to give up his bright future and give his life for the good of the country and the people of the country and how justice has to be defeated by corruption.

Also, it is excellent to see how the government leaders and private leaders of a country turn a river illegally into a source of commerce by damming it. Moreover, one can see the extraordinary reality of how ordinary people's lives are politicized and how corruption is sustained.

When people seek revenge and become political leaders or leaders, how terrible and greedy they become can be known about the practical concept of a corrupt politician Visakha's political biography. As a result, a clear idea of how all the people of a country and which class of people are subject to oppression and exploitation is obtained. All in all we will see very beautifully the corrupt system of our present day people's politics and a vivid life of the people of the country.


Although the movie is set in 2021, it is an extraordinary political movie that helps to understand the present very beautifully. After watching the movie, I felt like seeing the corrupt system of our country. A great political movie, which I liked a lot. I found the story of the movie, excellent acting, excellent cinematography, music, action, wins, losses, problem presentation and resolution to be amazing. Those of you who haven't seen this wonderful movie, must watch the movie and let us know in the comments how you liked the movie.

Thank you all so much for reading about today's movie and getting to know about the movie. May all be well and be healthy, may all unite in protest and resistance against injustice and corruption. This is the responsibility and duty of a good citizen.

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