Everyone remembers Newton's speed number 3. Yet again - every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The same principle applies to all systems of our human life. In this sequence, if crime increases somewhere, the Creator must make arrangements to reduce crime through someone who responds.

Today I will introduce you to such a movie, where you can see corruption at all levels of a country. As a result, the officials of the police administration involved in the security of the country are also in a position to do anything for the sake of bribery. And for all the corruption and crime there was a wonderful brave police officer. Which is to destroy the highest criminal gang of a country. Let us introduce you to a great old action movie.


Movie Name - Safe.
Movie director - Boaz Yakin.
Movie Release Date - April 27, 2012.
IMDB rating of the movie - 6.5 out of 10.
Movie Genre – Action Thriller.
Personal rating of the movie - 3.9 out of 5.
Run time of the movie - 1 hour 35 minutes.
Movie Country - USA.
Movie Language - English, Mandarin and Russian.

Main characters of the movie:

All the movie actors who played good roles are - Catherine Chan (Mei), Jason Statham (Luke). Among the corrupt and criminals are Robert John (Wulf) of the Police Department, Anson Mount (Alex) of the CIA Department, two powerful and wealthy gangsters Sandon Tecsy (Emile) and John Cenatiempo (Russian Gengstar), city mayor Chris Sarandon (Tremello), Kate Rogal (Hooker).



Seen in the movie:

1) Such a sweet and memory girl who can store everything in her brain like a computer. In short, a super girl with a super memory will be seen acting brilliantly.
2) Also the scene of kidnapping Supergirl and making her work with the gangsters based in America to keep the information secret.
3) An honest police officer named Luke, who is fired from the police force and the CIA for being honest. And because of all of this, Luke became an incredibly fearsome boxer in order to make himself even stronger.
4) Also, Luke has to kill his wife at the hands of gangster Emily's son due to breach of contract during a boxing fight.
5) On the other hand, it is seen that the gangster group is memorizing various secret codes with Super Girl and gangster Emily is up again to kidnap that Super Girl.
6) And in the midst of all this, Luke saves Supergirl when he sees her in danger and learns that the people who killed his wife will also kill her. And with that the amazing action of the wonderful action hero starts to kill all the criminals.
7) How a city mayor plans to make money by blackmailing gangsters.
8) At the end of the movie, Supergirl is seen saving Luke's life and ushering in a new day with her wonderful bravery and intelligence.


Movie Review:

The movie starts with a little girl named Mei, who is incredibly talented and can do all the big numbers and calculations in one fell swoop and has an amazing memory. As a result, he was kidnapped by Rasian gangster group. The gangsters had planes to memorize all their information and secret codes. As a result, the police or anyone will not be able to extract any of their information through computers or technology.

On the other hand Luke, a suspended police officer, is seen fighting in a boxing club. Who has become so strong in boxing that he has to pay money. However, as Luke defeats his opponent in a losing match, he becomes worried. Because a famous gangster Emily invested money for her opponent to win, as Luke wins, he rushes back home to find his pregnant wife shot dead by Emily's son. Luke left the city, enduring everything in silence.


It can be seen in this direction that the gangsters continue to grow their business handsomely by exploiting Mei. And at that time they made Mei memorize the important code written on a piece of paper. Where there were two safe box codes and at that time Emily's people attacked for these safe box codes. And then there's Luke next door, he saves Mei and finds out everything. He then realizes that all his pent-up anger starts channeling the gangsters.

After kidnapping Emily's son, Luke learns that one safe box contains a lot of money and another that only the town mayor knows what's inside. And then Luke calls his friend Alex and says he has the code to the safe box, but he has to save Mei from the Russian gangsters and return it to Luke. In return he will give money as per requirement.

On the other hand Luke raids the mayor's house and finds out that there is a CD in the safe box. The CD contained information and evidence of the activities of all the gangsters in the city, which was supposed to be exchanged with the gangsters in exchange for money.

When Luke goes to pick up Mei from his friend after taking the money and the CD, Alex is rude. Athiliuk says that whoever wins the fight will get all the wealth. And then Mei takes a chance and shoots Alex and Luke easily starts a new life with Mei. And this is how the end of two big gangster groups can be seen.


Amazing action can be easily seen wherever there is an excellent action fitter like Jason Statham. Along with him, the movie also stars the brilliant super girl Mei in a wonderful role. Those of you who haven't seen the movie, are truly missing out. So, if you have time, definitely watch the safe movie and let me know how you like it.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the movie and watch the movie.