Goldfinger [1964]

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Hello friends, I'm here with another interesting movie titled Goldfinger and I would like to share with you.

The movie is about MI6 agent James Bond investigating a gold-smuggling ring run by businessman Auric Goldfinger.

As he delves deeper into his activities, he uncovers a sinister plan to attack Fort Knox's gold reserves.

It begins, after destroying a drug laboratory in Latin America, MI6 agent James Bond vacations in Miami Beach.

His superior, M, via CIA agent Felix Leiter, directs Bond to observe bullion dealer Auric Goldfinger at the hotel there.

Bond discovers Goldfinger cheating at a high-stakes gin rummy game, aided remotely by his employee, Jill Masterson.

Bond interrupts Jill and blackmails Goldfinger into losing.

After a night with Jill, Bond is knocked out by Goldfinger's Korean manservant Odd job. Bond awakens to find Jill covered in gold paint, dead from “skin suffocation”.

In London, M tasks Bond with determining how Goldfinger smuggles hold internationally. Q supplies Bond with a modified Aston Martin DB5 and two tracking devices.

Bond plays a round of golf with Goldfinger at his country club in Kent, wagering a bar of recovered Nazi gold supplied to him by the Bank of England.

Goldfinger attempts to cheat, but Bond tricks him into losing the match.

Goldfinger warns Bond against interfering in his affairs, and Odd job demonstrates his formidable strength.

Bond trails Goldfinger to Switzerland, where he meets Jill's sister, Tilly, who fails to assassinate Goldfinger.

Bond sneaks into Goldfinger's refinery and overhears him telling a Chinese nuclear physicist, Ling, that he incorporates gold into the bodywork of his Rolls-Royce phantom III to smuggle out of England.

Meanwhile, Bond overhears Goldfinger mention “Operation Grand Slam” and encounters Tilly, who again tries to kill Goldfinger.

An alarm is tripped and Odd job kills Tilly with his steel-rimmed hat.

Bond is captured and strapped to a table with an overhead industrial laser, the beam slicing toward him.

Bond lies to Goldfinger that MI6 knows about Operation Grand Slam, and Goldfinger spares his life, so MI6 can think Bond is safe.

Pilot Pussy Galore flies the captive Bond to Goldfinger's stud farm near Lexington, Kentucky in a private jet.

Once there, Bond escapes his cell and witnesses Goldfinger's meeting with American mafiosi, who are supplying materials for Operation Grand Slam.

Goldfinger plans to breach the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox by releasing delta-9 nerve gas into the atmosphere, which Goldfinger claims induces unconsciousness for 24 hours, but in reality will kill all who are exposed.

The mobsters ridicule Goldfinger's scheme, particularly a Mr. Solo, who demands to be paid immediately and leaves before the others are gassed to death by Goldfinger.

Bond is captured by Pussy Galore, but attempts to alert the CIA by planting his homing device in Solo's pocket as he leaves.

Solo is killed by Odd job and his body destroyed in a car crusher along with the homing device. Bond confronts Goldfinger over the logistical implausibility of moving the gold.

As Goldfinger denies an intent to steal it, Bond deduces from the presence of Mr. Ling that Goldfinger has been offered a dirty bomb by the Chinese government to detonate inside the vault to irradiate the gold for decades.

Goldfinger's own gold will increase in value, and the Chinese gain an advantage from the economic chaos.

Goldfinger warns that any attempt to interfere will result in the bomb being detonated at another vital U.S. location.

Find out what happened next after he warns that any attempt to interfere will result in the bomb being detonated at another vital U.S. location as it gets more fascinating.

Thanks for reading my post.

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Goldfinger was released in 1964, not 1946.

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