Kingsman [2021]

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Hello friends, I'm here with another interesting movie title Kings man and I would like to share you with here.

The movie is about, During the early days of the 20th century, a powerful group wants to plunge the world into war.

An independent intelligence agency must work relentlessly in the shadows to foil their sinister plans.

It begins Nearing the end of the Second Boer War, British aristocrat Orlando, Duke of Oxford, his wife Emily, and their young son Conrad visit a refugee camp in South Africa while working for the British Red Cross.

Emily is mortally wounded during a Boer sniper attack on the camp. Before dying, she makes Orlando promise never to let their son see war again.

Twelve years later, Orlando has formed a private spy network of domestic servants, including his butler, Shola and maid, Polly Wilkins, employed by the world's most powerful dignitaries.

Conrad is eager to fight, but Orlando forbids him to join the British Army and persuades Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State for war, not to let him do so.

At Kitchener's request, Conrad and Orlando ride with Orlando's friends, Archduke Fran’s Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, through Sarajevo.

Conrad saves the Archduke from a bomb thrown by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian intent on sparking a war.

Princip later reencounters the Archduke's entourage by chance and fatally shoots him and his wife.

Orlando learns that the assassination was orchestrated by “The Flock”: a group plotting to pit the German, Russian, and British empires against each other.

The Flock is led by the mysterious “Shepherd”, whose ultimate goal is Scottish independence; his operatives include Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin, trusted adviser to Tsar Nicholas of Russia.

Rasputin poisons Nicholas's young son Alexei, only to cure him when Nicholas promises to pull out of the war.

Conrad is notified of Rasputin's manipulation by his cousin, Prince Felix Yusupov.

Knowing the Western Front will be left vulnerable if Russia exits the war, Conrad delivers this information to Kitchener and his aide-de-camp Major Max Morton, who set sail for Russia.

Their ship, HMS Hampshire, is torpedoed by a submarine and sunk.

Word of Kitchener's death reaches Orlando, spurring him to travel to Russia with Shola, Polly, and Conrad to kill Rasputin.

After a grueling fight, Orlando, Shola, Conrad, and Polly kill Rasputin at a Christmas party hosted by Felix.

To keep the United States from entering the war, Erik Jan Hanussen, an adviser to Kaiser Wilhelm II, sends the Zimmermann Telegram, encouraging Mexico to invade the United States.

Although British Intelligence intercepts the message, Polly deciphers it, but American President Woodrow Wilson refuses to join the war, citing a lack of concrete proof.

The Shepherd recruits Vladimir Lenin to overthrow the Tsar and remove Russia from the war, sending an assassin to execute the Romanov family.

Conrad is commissioned into the Grenadier Guards against his father's wishes.

King George V arranges to have Conrad assigned to London.

Determined to fight in the war, Conrad swaps places with a Scottish soldier named Archie Reid, giving him the nickname “Lancelot” to send his father a message.

Disguised as Archie, a member of the Black watch, Conrad volunteers for a mission into no Man’s land to retrieve information from a British agent wounded there.

Upon his return, a fellow soldier who knows Archie accuses him of being a German spy and shoots him dead, devastating Orlando.

The information he recovered verifies the authenticity of the Zimmermann Telegram.

After Wilson again refuses to enter the war despite Conrad's proof, Orlando learns that the President is being blackmailed with footage of being seduced by the Shepherd's agent, Mata Hari, and resolves to recover the original negatives.

Upon defeating Mata Hari at the American embassy, Orlando has her cashmere scarf identified, and Orlando, Shola, and Polly locates its origin.

Orlando parachutes onto the mountaintop sanctuary of the Shepherd, who is revealed to be Morton.

Morton had arranged Kitchener's assassination and faked his death.

Orlando fights and kills Morton, with the help of Shola. Polly recovers the film, which is delivered to Wilson.

Wilson burns it and brings the United States into the war.

Find out what happened next as he burns it and brings the United States into the war as it gets interesting.

Thanks for reading my post.

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in a word, awesome action movie.