Mission impossible [1996]

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Hello friends, I'm here with another interesting movie titled Mission impossible and I would like to share with you.

The movie is about Ethan Hunt, who is a spy who has been falsely accused of disloyalty. He must now prove his innocence and bring to light the real miscreant, minus the support of the organization he worked for.

It begins After finishing a mission in Kyiv, Jim Phelps and his latest IMF team are sent to Prague to stop rogue agent Alexander Golitsyn from stealing the CIA NOC list.

However, the mission unexpectedly fails after the list is stolen, and the team is killed one by one, along with Golitsyn, leaving Phelps's point man Ethan Hunt, the only survivor.

Ethan is debriefed by IMF director Eugene Kittridge in a restaurant.

Hunt realizes that another IMF team was present during the mission and learns that the operation was a setup to lure out a mole within the IMF with the help of Golitsyn, who was posing as the rogue agent.

The mole is believed to be working with an arms dealer named “Max” as part of “Job 314”. Realizing that Kittridge suspects he is the mole, Ethan escapes by using exploding chewing gum given to him before the mission.

After returning to the Prague safe house, Ethan realizes “Job 314” actually refers to Bible verse job3:14 with “Job” being the mole's code name.

Phelps's wife Claire, thought to have been killed during the mission, arrives at the safe house, explaining that before his death.

Phelps warned her that they were compromised, which enabled her escape.

Ethan arranges a meeting with Max to warn her that the NOC list she has is fake and equipped with a tracking device.

Despite Max's initial skepticism, they escape a raid by Kittridge's team.

Ethan convinces Max that he can obtain the real NOC list in exchange for $10 million and Job's true identity.

Hunt and Claire recruit two disavowed IMF agents, hacker Luther Stickell and helicopter pilot Franz Krieger.

They infiltrate CIA headquarters in Langley, steal the authentic list and escape to London.

Krieger takes the floppy disk containing the list, but Ethan tricks him into giving it up before giving the list to Stickell for safekeeping.

Furthermore, Kittridge has Ethan's mother and uncle falsely arrested to lure Ethan out.

After learning about the arrests, Ethan contacts Kittridge from a payphone, intentionally allowing the IMF to trace the call.

Phelps resurfaces unexpectedly, recounts surviving the shooting, and tells Ethan that Kittridge is the mole.

However, Ethan has already realized that Phelps is the mole after discovering that the Bible he used in Prague was taken from Chicago’s Drake Hotel, where Phelps was stationed on a previous assignment.

Ethan pretends to believe Phelps and arranges to exchange the list with Max aboard the TGV train to Paris, secretly inviting Kittridge to the meeting.

Find out what happened next as he secretly invites Kittridge to the meeting as the movie gets fascinating.

Thanks for reading my post.


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