R.I.P.D. [2013]

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Hello friends, I'm here with another interesting movie titled R.I.P.D. and I would like to share with you.

The movie is In the afterlife, Nick Walker, a detective who used to work for the Boston Police Department, is hired by a director of a group of deceased police officers to fight against the renegade ghosts.

It begins when Boston police detectives Nick Walker and Bobby Hayes steal a stash of gold during a drug bust.

Nick regrets the theft and tells Hayes that he will turn it in as evidence. Hayes shoots and kills Nick at the next drug bust.

After getting shot, Nick finds himself drawn into a vortex, depositing him in an office. Nick meets Mildred Proctor, who explains that he is dead and is headed to judgment.

She recruits him into the R.I.P.D., whose job is to find and capture Deados - the souls of people who died but escaped judgment.

Nick is partnered with Roicephus “Roy” Pulsipher, a lawman from the Old west.

Roy takes Nick to watch his funeral and Nick talks to his widowed wife, Julia, but she does not recognize him.

Roy explains that the R.I.P.D. officers have their appearance changed and are blocked from revealing their true identities.

While he and Nick look normal to each other and R.I.P.D., Nick appears as an elderly Asian man while Roy appears to be a beautiful blonde woman.

Roy takes Nick to question a suspected Deado named Stanley. They ask Stanley questions until he “pops” and is exposed as a Deado.

Stanley tries to escape and throws up a bunch of gold he swallowed before being shot by Roy.

Roy and Nick argue and Nick throws Roy in front of a bus, causing Roy to lose his favorite cowboy hat. They return to headquarters and book the gold as evidence.

Meanwhile, Nick wants to investigate the gold further and asks Roy to take him to an informant.

Roy takes Nick to meet a Deado named Elliot, who claims the gold is junk. Nick leaves the gold with Elliot and watches as he gives it to Nick's old partner, Hayes.

Furthermore, Roy and Nick tail Hayes to Nick's house and watch him dig up Nick's gold before following Hayes to the airport.

Hayes gives the gold to a Deado named Pulaski, who gets stopped by Roy and Nick while leaving.

Pulaski refuses to talk and instead pops himself, becoming a hulking monster, which leads Nick and Roy on a public chase that ends with Nick getting the gold but the Deado escaping.

Nick and Roy return to headquarters and book the gold before being taken to Eternal Affairs to be punished for the Deado escaping.

They learn that gold is part of an artifact called the Staff of Jericho, which can reverse the tunnel to the afterlife. Nick and Roy are also suspended from duty pending a hearing.

Nick leaves and tries to reveal himself to Julia, but she runs away from him. Roy and Nick argue again, but makeup after Nick apologizes.

They decide to track down the rest of the gold despite their suspensions. They confront Hayes at home, and he reveals he is a Deado.

Likewise, they arrest him and seize the rest of the gold; however, at headquarters, Hayes triggers a device that freezes R.I.P.D. officers while the Deados steal the gold back and escape.

Find out what happened next as Deados steal the gold back and escape as the movie gets interesting.

Thanks for reading my post.


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