Drops of God: Food and Wine – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Recap

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Drops of God, Episode 7 took by surprise everyone including Issei and Camille with a contest that they never thought may happen, they at first knew this was a contest with serveral test but never imagine one of them would be in front of a crowd and judges, this episode also explains how Luca turn out to be worst than Issei and Camille mothers, this story is way more complicated than it seems on the series, from what I have seen so far I think there wont be another season, but who knows, I have said this before taking in consideration that the anime is forty four volumes.

Issei live turn less painful, a guy who had everything in his life, he came from a wealthy family at least from his mother side, financially secure, not the best relationship with his parents but at least had a great one with his father and when the opportunity to be part of a contest to inherit the biggest wine collection in the world came up, his entire life falls down, his parents split up, his father ran away, his grandfather kick him out of the family and finds out his mother lie to him his entire life, his real father is the man who train him, the man who left the biggest wine collection as price for the contest he is now in, for Alexander Ledger inheritance, this story is more complicated for Issei than Camille. On Episode 8 Issei finally confront his mother, told her straight to her face he knows about the affair she had with Alexander and that his real father is Alexander, typical Honoka she throw him out of the apartment with his girlfriend Yurika. At least on episode eight Issei finally finds happiness with Yurika and even with Camille, after everything they had to through from been rivals for their father heritance they become friends, ironically on the same property his mother and her father met.

On episode seven was explain why Luca didnt want Camille next to him, she turn him down to continue with the Ledger Guide, a famous Wine Guide her father create when he start his business in Japan, it grew to the point of been the Bible of Wine, if your property and wine was hoisted on the Guide, the property and the wine went up in value, at first Camille use the Ledger Guide as a tool to get wine makers let her taste their wine on her trip to Itally but then understood how dangerous it was for the entire Wine Market, on episode eight Luca took off the mask and went directly against Camille, told her to her face he will do anything in his power to make her loose, during one of the contest other judges notice this as he tries to elevate Issei decisions, even Issei had a weird face expression when Luca talk about this wine selection with food he knew Luca was overacting and exaggerating things but didn't know his motive.

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Yurika, Issei new girlfriend started as a journalist who at first didn't like him at all, she found him a spoil rich guy who was looking to get attention, but once he open up to her she understood on the inside he was constantly having troubles at home and when his father left he took the chance to be honest with her, she was the only person he open up with and told her everything wrong in his life, she took it very serious and decided to give her a chance to know him better, finding he is a noble person and probably miss guided because of how most of his family is, referring to his mother and grandfather, every time he is next to her she makes him happy, Yurika was the only person that was next to him during all this bad times, when his father went away and all the stress he went through during the contest for Alexander Ledger inheritance.

Issei mother, Honoka; single handed destroy his family, she lie to his grand father when she got pregnant during her affair with Alexander then getting married with Hirokazu a man that love her probably more than she deserve to then treat him like shit during many years, he probably stay with her for two reasons that was family honor and Issei, to the list we can add that latter on Hirozaku got tired of the way she treat him so decided to go away and she blame Issei for that, now Issei is obviously mad as fuck at her and confront her, as any other mother she throw him out of the apartment because she own it, ending up all alone, no husband, no son, no father.



This time Issei and Camille have to battle out in front of a crowd and three judges, they had a press conference, went through a knowledge test about wine and the combine wine with food they were given to taste, giving their opinion on their choices, they both had NO idea this was happening neither why, why it had to be so public, I think this entire event was probably modified by Luca, Alexander lawyer told Issie and Camille "I had nothing to do with organization of the event.... ", during the event Luca takes the stage and publicly mention how the winner will be the true succesor of Alexander Ledger, the winner will continue with the Ledger Guide, after all that's all he cares about, that's Luca's business, even threw a cheap shot at Camille that other judges next to him caught, he said he would make sure Camille never win but he couldn't.


Issei giving Camille a hint of what's going on...


At some point in the story both Camille and Issei hated the contest, both were going to quit in different occasion, at first for Issei it was just a contest but with time when he find out Alexander was his real father I think he started to felt the same way as Camille, it felt it was evil to had his two children competing for his inheritance, the worst part is the irony of where the events happen, one of the last test happen in Phillipe wine yard, where Alexander train Camille every summer and where Honoka, Issei mother; fall in love with Alexander during a trip she did with Hirozaku, its like all of them met long time ago without knowing they will be competing for the biggest wine collection in the world, even Phillipe complain when he was ask to host the last test

Even dead, he's still a pain in the ass.

Said Phillipe who probably knew or had his doubts about Issei and Camille been brothers, Phillipe had a client name Tomine a long time ago, it was Honoka, she use to buy a lot of wine from him, on the very first purchase she bought boxes to bring back to Japan so most likely she kept buying from Phillipe all the time she was with Alexander.


Now that they started to get along, Issei comes clean with Camille and told him he got lucky on the previous contest, he cant understand how she find out about Casa de Fossati, how she figure out it was the one because he taste the wine and there were no jasmine or any other fruit or flower mention on the painting, he also told her he got lucky because he had Alexander notes from thirty years ago when he was Honoka and Hirokazu teacher and in one of his lectures the painting was mention and next to it was the name of the wine so he gave it a shot without knowing if it was the one. Camille explains Issei she just have an ability to imagine or even listen how things taste, she correlate them with other things in her life to exactly remember what is what how things smell and taste, apparently it runs on the blood because after that Issei gave it a try, at first nothing happen but then it kick in when he imagine a strawberry on the desk after he taste the wine in front of him, was the perfect moment for the Wonder Woman sound, this is another series I really enjoy and Im hoping there is a second season, from the little I have read online the manga had a lot of content to keep the Tv Series going. www.skiptvads.blog - tv series divider

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I was just talking about this week about how you live long to see your heroes become the villain, that's exactly what happen on this episode, the man who presented himself as a very simple man and best friend of Camille's father turn out was just a vampire sucking out money and fame out of the Ledger Guide, the moment he saw his fortune threatened he turns his back to Camille since she decided not to continue, in revenge Lucas now wants her to loose the contest and sweet talk Issei to continue with the guide, problem for him is that Issei now is on Camille Team. I went through a similar situation when my grandfather died, some of my aunts and my grandmother all of the sudden change and start fighting over money and the inheritance, I was still very young but do remember the fighting, the phone calls, money change people in such bad way that it sux, some say that's the true human face, some say you/I might not understand it because I don't have that much money, now days I'm in a way more better economic situation and my wealth is starting to grow this past two years well enough but as a kid I remember how bad I felt some times, that's something I don't want for my children so this is something I got very clear to avoid having them watch their family fight over money, that's so terrible for a kid.


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