My Top Pick Korea Horror Movies to watch on Halloween

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Horror Stories

An adolescent is kidnapped and forced to narrate the spookiest things she knows, which results in this collection of four tales: a mother and paramedic standoff over her diseased small daughter; a brother and sister are under siege while at home alone; a killer escapes police custody mid-flight. —Anonymous

White: Melody of Death

If you love K-pop then you better not watch because a song can very deadly. The girl group "Pink Dolls" is always overshadowed by more well-known idols. The girls become overnight sensations when they release "White," a version of an unidentified tune. The four individuals that makeup "Pink Dolls" are Eun-Joo, a former break dancer, Je-ni, a vocalist who struggles to hit high notes, Ah-Rang, a singer who is addicted to plastic surgery, and Sin-Ji, a non-singer who is talented in rapping and dancing. As the group's popularity grows, jealousy and rivalry among the female as each one strive to take the lead vocal role. However, one by one, each member who takes on the role of lead singer dies in a terrible accident. After realizing that the song "White" is cursed, Eun-Joo makes an effort to expose it.
The Closet

When you were a child, do you recall how you used to wonder what was kept in your closet?When Sang-daughter Won's Yi-Na vanishes in their new home, an enigmatic man approaches him and instructs him to check the closet for her.

killer Toon

If you were an artist, you could imagine that the drawings you create might come to life. Ji Yoon, a well-known creator of horror webcomics, discovers that life imitates art when her publisher unexpectedly dies in a manner that is somewhat like the pictures in her most recent comic.

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