CineTV contest: Bron/Broen

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'Bron/Broen' also known as 'The Bridge' is a Nordic noir crime series. It is a collaboration between Sweden and Denmark.Started on 2011 and aired for 4 seasons. Bron means bridge in Swedish and Broen the same in Danish.

Some US series are very good but the plot will always be a little bit fake.Some more, some less with a few exceptions.The same goes for the movies. Europe and especial scandinavian series/movies are more realistic.

In the first season a body is found in a bridge that connects Malmö with Copenhagen.Half part of the body is in the side of Denmark and the other half is in the side of Sweden. This was done on purpose. Because of that situation, both countries must cooperate to solve the mystery.

Every season has different plot mysteries which are very clever but the best thing is the characters.So well written,so well played,so real.Apart from the crimes that are committed we follow the lives of the main characters.

Sweden sends Saga Norén(played by Sofia Helin) and Denmark Martin Rohde(played by Kim Bodnia).They have totally different characters and their beginning is very difficult but in the end they help each other in their lives.


Martin Rohde has problems with his family and Saga Norén,the best detective of Sweden,is a person that has a unique personality. She is blunt, awkward, always tells the truth, has pure social interactions but is very smart. It is implied that Saga has Asperger’s syndrome. She is the star of the show.

In general it is a very well written series, you will never forget the main character. You get to see how different these countries and there people are. Five remakes were made around the world,that says a lot.
I totally recommend it.

Thank you for your time.

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