Cine TV contest - Best western - Clint the avenging angel?

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Name - High Plains Drifter

Year - 1973

Director - Clint Eastwood



► About

This is for the cine tv contest this week. We could not let this one pass us by as it was an oportunity to write about a favourite actor/director of ours, the one and only Cline Eastwood.

This film is about an out of town gun fighter is hired by a town to save them from some outlaws looking to take over the town. However things are not as they seem and the corruption in the town becomes more apparent as the film goes on.


► What you loved about it

This film is a classic. I loved the tense drama that is there throughout the film. Clint is always so cool. One of the coolest scenes is when he goes for a shave and the outlaws come in to get him. he casually whips round with his gun in the seat and shoots them all and then stand up calmly wipes the shaving cream off his face. To me this demonstrates clearly what a cool and collected character he is. Also in the scene you can see some of the supporting cast, in this case it is the barber who brilliantly overplays his role but in a way that adds to the overall tension and drama of the whole film.


► What part of it did you find most interesting.

As always with Clint films, he is the most interesting thing in any of his films. His presence and gravitas always hold every scene. One of the standout scenes for me is when he is getting the towns people to do the training. This is when you can really see the true character of all the townsfolk. I love it when he comes back out of the bath still with his cigar and the look that he gives, classic!


► Any scene that still pops into your mind.

What is great in this film is that it is a classic anti-hero. Clint is not a good guy! he is just a guy hired probably because he is not good. One scene that pops into my mind is when he is in the bath and the women comes to shoot him and he slowly just sinks into the bath.

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► Performance of the actors/actress that left an impression.

The final scenes when you realise what he is, or maybe what he isn't. Making this a classic revenge story on community justice. The town is on fire and the town is renamed "Hell". At this point everything starts to click into place about maybe what the main character is. It is never mention and you are left to make up your own conclusion. However this conclusion I have thought about regularly about this film for many, many years after I first saw this film.

► Why do you think it's significant and great.

I cant believe this is only 7.4 on IMDB this is one of the most classic and tense westerns ever made. It is a film I have seen again and again, is it because it is brilliant made or brilliant cast? Or maybe because it is a deeply moral story that makes you think about justice and what is right or wrong? Who know but if you haven't watched it and you like Clint then it is time to sit down and spend 2 hours in hell.


10 out of 10 SUB masks

Now go watch it or listen to it!

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I've watched this movie also😀.

I really loved it, the guns of olden days were used in the movie but it was a great plot.
I enjoyed the movie a lot and even the dressing


Clint Eastwood is a legend, I do prefer his acting, probably because I know more of it.
He is just cool af.
Just wanted to say thanks for tokens for Talk Time with Tengo too.
Just like Clint, you guys are cool!


Nice one, we hope the tokens help to get engagement and stuff like that!


They certainly do and helps get people to use ecency discord too, which is the main aim.