Red Shoe And The Seven Dwarfs|| All Ye Fairy Tale Lovers

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I admire a whimsical world where fairy tale norms are challenged and beauty takes on a whole new dimension. Imagine being called the fairest lady in the land. I mean this name alone comes with mouth watering benefits, it could also attract favors that were uncalled for. And if one finds a magical shoe that puts them in this position of extraordinary beauty, I don't think they would ever want to take it off. I wouldn't.


While searching for her father, Snow White, stumbles on a magical tree with two beautiful apples on it owned by her evil stepmother. As she inched closer to the tree, the apples transformed into a pair of beautiful red shoes. She tries the shoes on and metamorphs into the fairest lady in the land.


This pisses off her evil stepmother who does everything in her power to get back her shoes so as to become the fairest lady in the land forever.

With Snow White's beauty, she gains the attention of the seven dwarfs who were once handsome, young men but were cursed by a fairy princess for mistaking her for a witch. The dwarfs agree to help her find her father, the King, but with hopes that Snow White helps them break the curse with her kiss. The curse said that with true love's kiss, they will return to their normal state of being noble men.


A little more information about the film:

It was directed by Sung-ho Hong. The director's name is pretty new to me. Never heard of it. Plus, it was released in July of 2019 and has quite an impressive cinematography.

My Rating:

When I saw the film's title, what came to mind was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This made me want to know more of who "Red Shoes" could be and what she was doing with Snow White's dwarfs.

Few minutes in, I figured that;this film blends in the form of Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast as well as a few characteristics of Sleeping Beauty and also how her name changed from what was on the poster to "Snow White."

It wasn't disappointing at first because I admired the producers' creativity of blending different storylines in one film. It was creative until it provoked some thoughts in me; the dwarfs were under a curse by the fairy princess and to undo the curse, they needed true love's kiss. I wondered if all seven of them would get a kiss from one girl and be returned to their normal state of being handsome young men. On the other hand, I thought, maybe each of them would meet their true love somewhere and get the kiss they desired to be human again but nope! Just one of them, named Merlin, whom Snow White or should I say Red Shoes fell head over heels in love with got kissed and became his normal self.


I was expecting her kiss on him to do the magic on all of them but the film came to a close without revealing that the rest of the six got to be their real selves again.

Apart from the little plot disappointment, the film does a good job of blending a classic fairy tale with a modern twist as it delivers a visually stunning animation that captivates with its vibrant colors and engaging characters. It's a film that audiences of all ages should find delightful.

So therefore, my overall rating is 6/10.

Images are screenshots.

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I really like the twist from the usual snow white story. Why must it be a poisoned apple? It's a good movie which I enjoyed watching.

Nice review


The twist is cool. I liked it too, but she still ate a poisoned apple somewhere near the end. Lol. Thanks for stopping by dear.


Honestly that I had no idea this version of the story existed, I find it very curious and interesting, I'm sure I'll see it at some point. excellent review!


You really should see it. Thank you lots for the compliment. I really appreciate it 🤗. Do have a lovely week.