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Are You a Designer?

Please go check this post here for all the details on our most recent contest for The Block Party II. 100 HBD has been pulled out of my ( @enginewitty's ) savings for the winning entry. We also have 100 #cine and a Video Vic Rising Star card donated from @cinetv for the winner! Get your entries in by adding the links or designs in the comments on the afore mentioned post.

Hashtag - #thealliance

We try honor those that are using our family tag - #thealliance. I have included my three picks for curated content between now and the last issue. The three creators are beneficiaries of this post - thank you for using the tag! What would be a good percentage for these lovely humans?

La vida a mi manera by @mafalda2018When justification may not be just by @dreemsteemThe Awakening by @saffisara


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Thank you very much for the mention 🤗 appriciate it alot.
And this block party is going to be kick ass and as always YOU do so much for everyone ❤️
I will kick in some HBD soon to and hope it can help.

Hope you are having a fantastic day and happy Friday 🤗🍑❤️😘😍🥰
Much love and Hugs