Joker From DC Comics Cosplay Highlights

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In a previous article, I glossed over my other DC Comics cosplay character, Two-Face. Today, I am going to cover my version of the Joker. Based on the best Joker performance so far.

Why so serious?

A simple question with not so simple of an answer. This question has become synonymous with the Joker character. It is only fitting to kick off this Joker series with that video.

My Joker, if you cannot tell, is based on the Jack Nicholson performance in what has become commonly referred to as “1989 Batman”. I loved how he took the iconic character and made him his own. I can relate with Nicholson’s version more than others, whom I am not meaning to knock here.

Who is your favorite Joker? Tell me in the comments below

I portrayed Joker as slightly misunderstood. That is hopefully coming through with the choice of videos I made. Not so much a bad guy all the time, my version has a soft spot for Harley Quinn, as most after the Batman Animated Series seem to.

Early on, Joker is just trying to have fun and make the best of a bad situation. Bubbly if you will.

This quickly changed for my Joker as circumstances beyond his control made him out to be a bad guy in the eyes of many. This new direction brought new challenges. Challenges Joker thought he was prepared for, though not 100% in control, as he would like others to believe.

Please skip this video if you have concerns over the “It” clown

This video, skip it, it has the It hat in it

Joker turns his attention to Harley Quinn

It is hard to say how Joker changed when Harley Quinn entered his life, some would say it was a good change the Clown Prince of Crime. Others, not so much.

Their first meeting was probably a tense one, Joker does have regrets about what he didn’t do.

Reminiscing about Harlequinn and what he wants to do with her, Joker goes off track for a crime lord. Keeping it PG, Joker gives us a few details about his thoughts for Harley Quinn.

Trying to convince the rest of his villain gang to let Harley join them, Joker details a few things she brings. Not just good looks, Harley Quinn is a valuable asset.

Eventually, Joker goes all in for Harley’s heart. Getting sentimental, giving her his best attempt at winning her over.

Focusing on crime again

Regaining his interest in crime, Joker calls for the villains to be recognized as equals, not down trodden, forgotten. This call to action seems to have gone unheard though.

Having his feelings of being left out blazened into his soul due to how Batman and the “League of Super-Heroes” ignored his call for validation, Joker offers a warning.

Things are going to get nasty in Gotham City and Joker wants the world to know who started this fight.

An ongoing story

While this is not thecomplete story of Joker (how could it be?), I have more coming in future articles. Joker is an extremely fun character to play. He is one of those characters that you can let yourself go while cosplaying, just enjoying the vibes.

What super villain is your favorite? I am partial to Joker and Two-Face myself. I had attempted a Mr. Freeze cosplay but could not make him work. Two-Face is my all time favorite villain to play though.

I originally got into cosplay via TikTok, here is my account, but have recently gotten out of it. This is due to a lack of time and other things have taken precedence in my life. I plan on returning to cosplay sooner than later.

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Joker is a type of character that can be adapted, molded, to who or what is needed at the time. I adore your version of him. I will say that Jack Nicholson's Joker was something new to a whole generation of people that did not watch the early tv show or read the comics. Nicholson's performance as the Joker was stellar. I'm not saying that others were not, but they were adapted to different versions, with different attributes, quirks, and illnesses. Anyways, I think you have done an amazing job with this, and I look forward to seeing more. Hopefully soon.

P.S I did NOT watch that ONE video....


Thank you for the kudos. I know some have a concern over the It clown that is why I wanted to point out that video might be one to skip. Better safe than sorry.

I agree, Nicholson's take on Joker was brand new to fans. He was quite unique, especially compared to the 60's Batman, the cartoons of the 70's and 80's, etc.

The character is definitely one that can be adapted and new content as needed/wanted. I enjoy doing him, just haven't had time to do more content with him. Same for Two-Face.