The Order Of Things | The Scary Life Of An Introvert

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There are things I really admire in life and one of them is having a social life and not just locking oneself up in a room watching movies or playing video games all day, that is the kind of life I found myself and no matter how add I try to have a social life, I always find myself back in the room lol, as an introvert, we do believe the life out there isn't for us, we don't mingle with people and we rather stay focused with game or movie , I stumble upon this particular movie while scrolling through netflix just to keep myself busy, it was titled The Order Of Things, I didn't feel like watching it at first but the image and the detail I read, made me click it and I really enjoyed it because the storyline is somehow about me

The movie is about a guy and his younger brother, the guy has a boring introvert lifestyle and he is always in his room playing games and to top the story, he is a game developer which make him more focus on games instead of his social life. His younger brother proposed to his girlfriend with the hope of getting married that same year but after informing his mother about it, she turned him down with just one reason, his brother (gamer) must marry before him according to their tradition and that is the order of things, the younger brother was devastated to the extended that his fiancee almost quit on him but they decide to at least put him out and hook him up with a girl, this guy had a terrible dream too and decided to help his younger brother out by getting married. So they created a plan and meet a man who is the owner of a dating clique just to link him up with a girl, as an introvert, he doesn't know what to say to this girls or a way of approaching them, instead he keep on discussion about his gaming life and all and to his surprised, they always ditch him within 2mins.

He apparently meet a cool girl in a club he went to who was his spec in everything but his younger brother fiancee also made a plan with a call girl just to date him for a while and ditch him so they can get married, this call girl spoilt everything for him and almost made him lose this new girl he found who wasn't patience enough to hear his own side of the story but at the end, things really went well and it end in a happy ever after kind of life, I just try to cut the story short based on spoiler alert, this is a must watch movie and can be find on netflix by just searching the title.

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