📽️ What Movie to screen at my upcoming Movie Night?

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Exciting stuff is happening around me...

I am getting closer and closer to hosting my first movie night.

Or, to be more precise, to selecting a film to be screened in a nearby creative space.

I plan to give a little talk about the movie too, before it starts, without giving anything away or talking much about its plot or story.

Why talk about the content a lot if that's what people can find out for themselves, when they watch it? I never understood that and it usually bores me.

There is a little problem though and I can't start screening anything before I have resolved it:

I have no idea what film I should screen.

In fact, I hardly have an idea about the genre to pick from.

I just know that it won't be horror.

That's the only restriction that the guy who rents out the space ( and who will co-organize these nights with me ) laid on me.

No horror.

That's okay. I used to love the genre but, in all honesty, there's enough horror ( and drama ), enough spreading of fear, in the world already.

You only have to check the news for it.

So why is it so difficult to pick a movie?

If you have known me for a while, it's not like I don't know anything about movies. In fact, I studied film theory ( and history and analysis and whatever you can think of related to film ), in University and spent many years working on my own movie projects.

Combine that with the fact that I have probably watched over 5000 movies and with me not being the strongest at making choices and you will get the idea.

I like a good challenge though.

In the following episode of my podcast, The Life of Hypersensitivosaurus, I talk some more about my upcoming movie nights and the above dilemma.

You might enjoy listening to it:


Also, if you can think of any feel good movie that is not well known/ mainstream but also not so arthouse-y that it bores most people

@namiks ? I'm looking at you ;<)

please hit me up.

Also be prepared for me telling you that I probably won't screen the movie you suggest haha!

In the mean time, I will keep on looking for something worth watching and >

Coming To A Theater Near Me Very Soon!


Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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Wow, you are brave. I wouldnt know where to begin! Except for with Horror :OD


Haha, I don't think 'brave' is the right word
( I have experience with this kind of thing, as well as with teaching film in the past )
but I'll take it as a compliment ;<)

Cheers buddy!


You are laughing then. You can always fall back on an old favourite.

It would therefore be brave if I did it. I would go for Back to the Future :OD


You can always fall back on an old favourite.

Neh. Probably not. I want to do more than that.
Although... I might

problem is: I have 200 favorites ;<)

Back to the Future is a fun one. I recently showed it to my niece and nephew.


I recently played it to my daughter, and apart from the mild swearing of which there was more than I remembered it was great.


My 9 year old nephew ( kind of ) liked it, although he's more into adventure/ fantasy movies ( loves Willow ).

I think it bored my 7 year old niece. She liked Gremlins though, especiall part 2 due to the female Gremlin haha ;<)


Oooo, I forgot about Willow. I should watch that with my daughter I think she would love it!


another one of my childhood favorites is The Neverending Story ;<)


Ah yes, we have watched that one many times. It's awesome! Although the first time the horse died in the swamp bit she freaked!


I remember finding that part extremely heartbreaking, as a kid ( and I'm not even into horses )
it hardly affected my niece and nephew though.


I had forgotten about it and then I was like oh shoot. Your nieces and nephews are made of sterner stuff!


Haha, they sure are.
You don't want to know what kind of horror they ( have ) already watch(ed) ( and not with me ), it makes Gremlins fade in comparison.


Who do you think that your audience might be, dear @vincentnijman ?

A good all-round/ all ages kind of film might be The Fall, 2006

And a very good deep and meaningful one - though quite intense - might be The Fountain, also 2006

Or Mr Nobody, 2009 and/ or Cloud Atlas, 2012 - these are all some of my favourite films - wish I was near your village hall, to join the evening! I love watching films with others, and then having a chat or beer 😍 😇 Good luck in choosing!


Beware of the 'film snob'...

Here I come. Don't take it personally ;<)

I've never seen Mr. Nobody but I struggle to take Jared Leto seriously, especially after finding out about the emo band he started haha!

I know I should not judge people but still...

I guess I like him in Requiem for a Dream ( no matter how uncomfortable that movie is - I probably won't watch it ever again )

The Fountain and Cloud Atlas are more than a bit too mainstream for me.

although I have to admit that I never watched Cloud Atlas, probably because it was too much of a hype, back in the days.

I also forgot to mention that I am looking for films of 2 hours max ( due to probably starting the screening after sunset ( around 9 PM ) and people's attention spans ;<)

Sorry for dismissing your suggestions.

I have a challenging taste in movies, although I can like more mainstream stuff too, especially out of nostalgia. Jurassic Park will probably always remain one of my favorites.

And yeah, it would be awesome if you were around to attend these movie nights 🍷❤️


oh and I forgot to answer your question:

Who do you think that your audience might be, dear @vincentnijman ?

adults, pretty openminded people. Most of them have 'escaped' the system and their country, like me.