Cinetv Contest: Killerwot Made Me Do It

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Mars Attacks.jpg

After reading his post and not having participated in a cinetv contest but once I thought I would give this one a go. It has to do with science fiction, one of my favorite genre's and aliens so I figured there would be something I could find.

I immediately thought of Mars Attacks as it is probably one that many people have not seen. Then I decided my back up would be My Stepmother Is An Alien. I checked youtube and found there was a rental fee for both so I went to my laptop to check and I found Mars Attacks.

I remember the first time I watched this movie I laughed at the absurdity of it. An a-list cast of characters make this a bit more interesting. After watching it again last night I can tell you my thinking has changed. It was absurd but the music score was what kept a sense of tense foreboding in the watcher. Out side of the absurdity this time around I did not find it as funny.

To me the funniest scene was the opening scene. A man is taking out his garbage and a neighbor pulls up on a plow and asks if they are celebrating a holiday because he smells barbecue. The next thing is a herd of burning cattle stampeding by. One of my favorite scenes is when one of the aliens disguises itself as human to get into the Whitehouse and kill the president. The overly exaggerated movements of this alien was quite comical.

This is not a movie where the good guys win. The aliens take out all of congress and quite a bit of the upper echelons of the military. In the end it was the common folk with the help of a young boy and his grandmother who discovered how to defeat these aliens hell bent on the destruction of earth for no other reason then it was fun to toy with humans.

I did go do a little more reading to see others opinions on this movie and learned quite a lot. This movie was done by Tim Burton after his Ed Wood movie. It was also based on a card game with the same name that came out in the sixty's. Although it came out a few months after Independence Day it was in production before Independence Day.

All in all if you are in the mood for a black comedy science fiction b movie it might be up your alley.

Even though @killerwot put the contest rules link in his post I will do it here so you do not have to go clicking all over to find it. It is part of the rules Check it out

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Mars Attacks is such a classic, I loved this when I saw it and upon rewatching it, it's mad how many famous actors they cast in the film.

The disguise scene is a good one.

I love the initial conflict scene where they're saying, "We come in peace."

And then the hippy guy releases the dove only to have it shot down and the aliens start going nuts.

I only heard of the card game because of the Redletter Media review; I'd really like to collect them if I could because they look cool.

I'm glad I could pique your interest in these competitions. CineTV is great and release one a week; they're well worth joining in on.



Makes one wonder if they translated anything the aliens said was translated right. 🤣🤣