Glamour Girls: What's The Actual Story?

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Glamour Girls premiered on Netflix on 24th June and it was a big deal as with all Nollywood Netflix premieres. It's a remake of the 1994 film of same name which is a Nigerian classic.

It stars Sharon Ooja, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Taymesan, Toke Makinwa, Joselyn Dumas, and a few other familiar Nollywood faces.


It's gotten a lot of backlash on social media and I actually knew about the film because it was trending for being so bad. Curiosity made me want to watch it, I needed to know why most people thought it was so bad.

Some minutes in and I began to understand what all the fuss was about. The story wasn't really leading anywhere! In fact, it looked like there was no story at all. I'd have called it an improv show but even that carves out a story as it goes.

The Plot

It's so hard to write a synopsis when I don't really understand what's going on but I'll say what I think was going on. So Emma, played by Sharon Ooja, is a sex worker from the streets who goes in search for a better life and then gets employed in a corporate sex work company.

It turns out there's more than meets the eye with her boss and the company. It's like a big sex work/money laundering ring and Emma gets all caught up in their wars just when life starts looking good for her. Will Emma stick it out and catch her big break? Or will she run away from the fire?

My Thoughts

I wish it was as easy as I make it seem. I don't know what the heck was going on in this movie. There was just a lot going on with each character and their stories barely scratched the surface. It was like we were supposed to summon them from the screen and beg them to shed more light on their stories.

Then it was hard to understand how all the characters linked and where they were driving at with the entire story. I didn't even know who the main character was because it wasn't clear. At first, I thought Sharon Ooja was the lead, then it looked like it was Nse Ikpe-Etim, it trailed back to Sharon, and then they lost me.

Favourite Character & Scenes

I liked Sharon Ooja, it looked like she decided she was going to act her role to the fullest even if the story was dull and I loved that for her. There's only so much an actor can do when there's no solid story to work with.

I liked the part where she was at her Sugar daddy's house and she said she 'had arrived' and she did a switch with her accent. That was funny. Her character seems to be the most consistent throughout the movie.

I don't understand why her character, Emma had to do what she did with Zeribe though. Their relationship didn't make any sense and they didn't have to do each other like that.

When her sugar daddy was linking her up for a job, I liked how he suggested she be given a manager or assistant manager role for a start, 'start from somewhere'. It's crazy how that might be happening in the real world, now that's good reward for sex work.

Wtf Scenes

I didn't understand what was going on with Lynxx and Joselyn Dumas, their scenes felt like another movie and it took a while before their part connected with the rest of the movie.

Everybody had their own story but we never got in deep into any of them. Not even Nse's character was clear which was quite sad for such a strong persona that the character seemed to have.

Next thing we know someone died, the body was disposed of and they started talking about some missing money. They even got hackers involved and then there was shooting and a horrid back and forth about who took what money.

It was a lot of confusion and I think focusing on Emma's story as a sex worker trying to make it would have been just okay. The rest of the movie was confusing and unnecessary, little wonder people dislike it.

There was a club scene where a "you're my honeybunch sugarplum" baby song was played. I'm trying to rationalize it. What was the reason? Why are you playing a toddler's song in a club??

Anyway, I can't even rate it against the original because I never watched it but I'm pretty sure it doesn't come close seeing how bad this turned out. Someone should tell Nollywood, enough with the remakes already!

Have you seen Glamour Girls? What do you think?

Rating - 2/10 thanks to Sharon Ooja for even letting this get past 0 rating.

Thanks for reading!

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Oh my! You won't believe it if I say I just finished seeing this movie in not more than 5 minutes ago 😳 and here I am seeing a title on Hive with the movie title... What a coincidence!

And like you, a lot of scenes were pointless and I honestly got lost in so many scenes especially where the Accountant died and about the billion dollars... What really happened? I'm still asking the questions to no one in particular 🤦‍♀️

Emma was an amazing actor in the movie, she gave her best in her role obviously and same with Nse but hers was a bit unclear at the end... Still trying to wrap my head around the whole essence of the movie 🤔


Coincidence for sure 😄

My dear, when you find out where the billion dollars came from please tell me cos I'm not understanding.

Zero essence abeg, don't worry your pretty head thinking about it anymore 😄


Hahaha some annoying movie I conclude to say 😅


Sometimes bad things call my attention, just to see what not to do hahaha, maybe I'll see it


You gave it a low score and from what you say, I don't plan to watch it XD watch it. This happens with many productions that Netflix buys from different countries, for example, they have bought many productions from Mexico for the Hispanic market, but they are very bad productions.


I wonder why Netflix has to take so many bad movies. It doesn't look good for business.


Oh no, Nollywood has done it again; releasing another terrible film. For you to score it so low.

I'm so on my way to see it for myself...


Even the trailer looks confusing.
The fact that they used so many a list actresses in Nigeria for this? My Toke makinwa and Sharon ooja 😩


Even the trailer looks confusing

😂😂 just as confusing as the movie itself

They even brought a retired actor to act in the nonsense film.


I haven't seen glamour girls both the original and this remake. I normally have reservations towards nollywood movies but the bitterness and disappointment in your review makes me want to see the movie just so I can cringe unabashedly and laugh at how stupid the whole thing is.

Honeybunch sugarplum in a club??? Man I have to see this😂😂

I love Sharon and it's no surprise she brought her all despite the half-baked storyline the movie has. I wonder what Toke's role was here. She was probably one rich maga's babe or something.


You're kinda right about Toke's role 😁 Her story would have been interesting but it wasn't well done either. The whole thing was just trying. It should have been better than this, they have the resources to but they made it flop with the pointless storyline.


Let's just hope that the next movie whoever produced this releases will be a lot better than this one because bad Nigerian movies on Netflix just makes all of us look bad. We can definitely do better.


Likkkkkeeee!!!!!!! Wtf?????
Very rowdy movie
No storyline
It would have been good if Sharon eventually made it and became a boss
And please what was that ending scenes about flash drive abi usb just dey fly up and down



I don't know where flash drive came from o 🤣🤣🤣 and a French hacker. Very yeye film


Look, that movie legit wanted to spoil my head for me and I just left it. Everything about it was so poor, no story no direction. And the hacker part was so funny, like what was all that and why did they keep moving flash drives around.
Man, the whole thing was confusing and you've captured the essence of the nonsense very well.
I never watched the original Glamour Girls but I will because I need like a context to this rubbish they gave us.


Apart from the issues you mentioned, why on earth were they throwing huge amounts of money up and down?
Belonging to lowbrow politicians???
That kind of money was just sitting somewhere?
How much is 1 dollar in naira sef? 🤦🏿
Nigerian movies and calling huge money 🤝🏽