The Rookie: Feds - It’s Never Too Late To Achieve Your Dreams ; A Movie Review

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Movies for many people are a source of relief or something they watch for fun but for some of us who find ourselves watching movies a lot, you could say it’s a bit more. You’ll think you love movies till you meet people like @olujay and @merit.ahama. @quduus1 is another fierce movie lover. That guy can watch movies the entire day.😅

Let’s get back on track as I’ll get the chance to troll them another time🤭. I’ve found it difficult to choose a movie or series to review cos I have been juggling between quite a number of series. I don’t watch singles like that but you can sign me up if it’s a series.

I finally decided on this one and I hope you like it.


The Rookie: Feds.


The rookie: feds is a series which started airing last year. You can call it a spin-off to the still airing series,the rookie. Rookie feds is a crime drama that focuses on a somewhat old woman who finally decides to chase her dreams of saving or correcting the system from the inside.

How does she achieve this, she decides to become an FBI agent against all odds. Simon Clarke the fictional character in the rookie feds got the inspiration from John Nolan, a middle aged or older man who decided to work on his life by being a cop. John Nolan against all odds and criticism became the first oldest rookie in the police department.


lead character Simon Clark

Simon Clarke unlike John Nolan in the rookie is a very vibrant woman who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut and mind her business. Not in a bad way though, her heart’s in the right place and when you understand that, you’ll tend to love her as her co - workers and superiors found out.


She starts out first as this rather odd aged woman behaving like a teen with no regards for authority. When she first made an appearance in the rookie, we see how she drives a vehicle rather haphazardly in her FBI training. She passed though, but not without some serious warning.


the team

Simon Clarke who works with Brendan, Laura, Antoinette, Carter and Gaza have some fun crime solving they do together. She didn’t join this special FBI task force easily as she had to convince Gaza to let her be a part of the team. In Gaza’s own words later in episode 1 or 2, “you’re very raw and if you can keep your mouth shut with some fine tuning, you’ll make an excelling FBI”. Or something like that, not quite sure of what Gaza said. 😂

Simon promised to be the best FBI trainer/agent he has worked with and by what I’ve seen so far, she’s making a difference. As a middle aged woman with 2 kids, Simon has pretty much lived a fulfilling life for her family but for herself and that is why she’s on this journey.

Simon in her past life was a guidance and counseling officer for kids and so she used that experience to analyze criminals. It works as she’s usually the one able to connect to the not so bad criminals. She’s pretty convincing.


the team on a mission

Throughout the series, the team navigates difficult situations to find and solve cases that a normal FBI team wouldn’t be able to. They’ve solved cases of diamond theft and husbands killing their wives, husbands faking their death and big foot.

The series is in its first season and currently on episode 22. In not sure if it has been renewed for a second yet but I really hope they do.

Simon who’s an FBI agent now goes back to live with her dad and they try to live together in peace after she gained her freedom. She tried not to intrude in her dad’s personal space but finds it difficult. The dad who was wrongly imprisoned for about 8 years works for his community by trying to help them with matters relating to cops. He owns a cake shop and is doing very well for himself.


Brendan and Antoinette start out a love relationship we’re still yet to see if the writers will make a success. Carter is just divorced with a son and trying to battle his wife for shared custody. Laura doesn’t have much of a social life after her fiancé cheated on her with her best friend. And Gaza, has gone through so many divorces😅. You could call them a prefect group😂.


love birds

I wouldn’t want to continue with this because I am tempted to give a lot away so I’d like to end here. I recommend this series to anyone who’s into crime and cops and maybe a bit of romance.

Thank you.

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Lol why is he saying it as if I don't do anything else aside seeing movies? 🤣

This movie seem interesting but I'm not sure I'm cut out for it... It isn't a kdrama 🤧😂
I'll check it out, but no guarantee that I'll see it as soon as possible.

My watch list has become longer than the number of posts I've written on Hive 🤣

Nice review Comrade, you are doing well.


Cos you watch movies a lot. 😂

Queen of kdrama😅. I’ll remind you at the end of the year when your list reduces.