When STAR WARS came to Málaga, Spain

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Hi all 👋🏻


Today I want to share with you a selection of photographs I took, with my (late) Canon eos 550D, when a STAR WARS parade was held in Málaga, Spain ~ October 2015.

The imperial troops of the 501st legion visited Málaga and they went through the streets in a Parade and gathered later in the evening in the Plaza de Constitución with music and speeches : For donations and help towards Mission Luis Olivares.

It was an unique sight and I still remember it well.
Seeing some of my favourite characters walking in Málaga. I’m a Star Wars fan… not a big one but still a fan… so how could I not go and watch 😉😎 at this time I was living in Málaga so it was just a walk down the road for me.

Let’s not keep you waiting…

Here is my selection of photographs.
I let most of them tell their own story!

As you can see; Some did really pose for me 😉




The location here is next to the port of Málaga, Muelle Uno.



Smile 😁





The uniforms are just so cool… and because they all wear masks… it is almost as if the real characters are walking by 😎


Thank you kindly sir 😁



Now the parade is slowly moving towards the centre of the city Málaga, to the Plaza de La Constitución.

As I know there are props on display from HMS -Hispania Modelling Solutions in the port itself, I walk there first to have a quick look.

And see:
ET… what a nice surprise!

(look @mipiano aliens 👽 in Spain)

And then I see some models build from HMS.




How cool are they?

You could even sit on it and take photographs.

Further I saw these masks:



Ok, time to join the parade again and walk towards the plaza.

I was greeted by piercing eyes…….

Little princess Leia isn’t afraid.

The BB-8 droid was there as well.



Now everybody was gathered on the Plaza and watching the podium.


I have seen enough, as it is rather busy… and I don’t like busy areas, and I walk quickly towards home and encounter these last characters:

With this last photograph that I still would like to show you, that I took on my way out of the plaza, I’m ending my post. I discovered later it was blurry… but somehow it gives the photo some extra atmosphere, something else...

Hope you enjoyed my photographs of this Parade from Star Wars through the streets of Málaga 😎

Thank you for looking and reading 😊 and if you liked my post, an upvote or re-blog is always welcome 🙏🏻
Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great day all 😎
Grtz Jackie

Unless stated otherwise: All art and photos used in my posts are taken, created and owned by me. If you wish to use any of my photographs, please contact me first. As I have used some commercially myself. We don’t want that you or somebody else gets into trouble 😉 So please don’t use them without my consent.

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Very cool pictures! Looks like an Invasion almost 😊 must have been fun to visit!


Thank you so much @randomsm yep it looked like an invasion… it was pretty fun and cool to see. 😊😎


Ow, The imperial troops showed some power here. And I see how the children love this parade, we can see on their faces the emotions. They were amazed heeheh.
But I suppose not just the little ones loved this scene!

(look @mipiano aliens 👽 in Spain)

Aliens, as I told in my story. They just took away all our mushrooms, not we have some proof too :)
Thank you for this proof @littlebee4 :D

Although, ET is so cute, he can not be the one who made it to us...


Thanks for stopping by @mipiano 😊
Yes, the expressions on their faces… (some you see in my photographs) and the “grownups” were just great to see hahaha 😁

Yes… we have finally proof of aliens visiting us now. As in your stories.
No I don’t think it would be ET 😇 he is just to cute, but if he can come… it must have been all the others that came along and took our mushrooms 🍄 hahaha

You are welcome 😎😊


Yes, they somehow found out how to come to our blue planet and make a bit of mess in the Iberian peninsula. They are smart and know some tricks, must be!


Maybe we must guard the mushrooms before the end of the autumn 🍂 so they can’t trick us this year…


hahaha, guard the mushrooms... and you know which day is today?
Friday... and of course, I have zero mushroom content to show haha

That's sad!!


Yep, FungiFriday ☺️
I know… it’s sad. I have just 5 photos left and they are not great… so basically have nothing to show either.

Maybe we need to start a mushroom farm… for the people in Spain to visit when none can be found hahahahaha 😋🤣


I was already thinking about that 😆
a mushroom farm, just for Fungi Friday :))
hm... maybe even a touristic attraction :D


These are so cool. I really like the detail put into the costumes.


Thanks @derangedvisions 😎 yes a lot of work was done on the costumes… it was just great to see them in southern Spain. Somehow surreal 😁


This is so cool I wish the 501st legion came to Ireland I'd love to see this parade in person. When I was a kid me and my parents went to see some of the props used on set when they came over on tour, around the release of the phantom menace.

These photos are great! You're right even the blur in the last one adds some atmosphere to it. I love to scout troopers uniforms, I watched some of the designers talking about how they made and designed them, those helmets were based on motocross helmets and I think have a lot of character.


Maybe one day you will see a parade like this @killerwot. This is a saga that never will seize to exist 😎 for generations to come… or just ours 😋

Thank you so much.
Yes, would be cool to have one of the uniforms… how it would change certain parties you could go to. Hahaha
Now you say that, yes I can envision it being based on motor cross helmets. How cool 😎


It would be a great party trick, coming out in one of those uniforms haha if I ever have enough space for it I would love to have one full uniform on display in my house.