HiveBuzz rewards participants in the Afri-Tunes Anniversary event

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HiveBuzz is proud to announce a new badge for all participants in the Afri-Tunes Anniversary event!

Africa is a continent of great cultural richness and diversity, and its music is a reflection of this cultural heritage. African music is not only entertaining, but it is also a means of communication. It is therefore important to celebrate and promote African music and culture, and this is what the Afri-Tunes community is all about.

The Afri-Tunes community is a vibrant and dynamic community on the Hive blockchain dedicated to promoting African music and culture.

To celebrate their first year anniversary, they organized a music and writing contest that was open to all Hive users. The event was a great success!

To make the event even more special, HiveBuzz decided to sponsor it by creating a new badge to reward each participant.

The badge is a beautiful representation of African music and culture, and will be a symbol of recognition for all those who participated in the event.

The badge will now be distributed by the event organizers. Did you participate in the event? You will get a notification from us as soon as it will be displayed on your HiveBuzz board.

Thank you to @ksam for reaching us and asking for the creation of this new badge.

The HiveBuzz Team

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Oh my! This is so beautiful and displays Africa music in a more amazing way... I specially love the colour combinations 😍

Thanks @hivebuzz for this, I can't wait to have it in my badges portfolio 😃


Thank you for your feedback @merit.ahama!
We are glad you like it. Our designer did a great job with this badge and we love it too.
Thank you for participating in the Afri-Tunes Anniversary.


It's a very beautiful badge 🤩...


Thank you @janetedita! We love it too.
We hope that all participants in the event will be proud to display it on their board.


It is a great privilege for the Afri-tunes Family to receive this beautiful badge sponsored and designed specially for Afri-tunes Community on the occasion of our first Anniversary.

We are grateful to @arcange and the Hivebuzz team for their sacrifice and support towards this little project of ours.


We are devoted to continuing the vibrant and dynamic flames to promote the African music on Hive.

The Afri-tunes team: @starstrings01 @obaro @ovey10 @hopestylist @sholex94 and @ksam, and the entire Afri-tunes community say THANK YOU!

Written by @ksam for the Community

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Congratulations again on your first anniversary @afri-tunes.
It's been our pleasure to have been a part of it and bring our contribution.
Keep up the great work promoting African music and culture on Hive!


Happy Anniversary to afri-tunes💃💃💃 🥰🥰


How far na lady, I no see ur entry for afri-versary oo. Kilode??


To God be the Glory for everything he has done and for making every possible things to happen.

Its joyous to celebrate 1 year of Afri-tunes.

Africa is a vibrant and agile continent rich with lots of cultures which constitute the lives that goes on here.

Africa represent everything to the world and in every sphere, she stands out. Be in in education, entertainments, sports, and lots more.

Once an African begins sometuing, they dont back out and SK the spirit and the same blood flows through the veins of all African as well as Afri-tunes.

Peace in Africa.. Peace In the world... Peace upon humanity...Amen🙏

Gratiaz @hivebuzz for your love🤝✌


Wao! This is just beautiful and looks so African .
I am very proud to be a member of this community that has been privileged to get such support from @hivebuzz . This is a show of love and acceptance and cannot be easily forgotten.

I can't wait to receive my badge , its just so beautiful. Thanks to you @hivebuzz for this kindness to us. I pray we celebrate more success on hive and beyond


This is wonderful @hivebuzz 💗 What a gorgeous badge for those who participated.

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ps: just voted for your proposal again.



Thank you for your appreciation of our designer's work @samsmith1971. ❤️

PS: Sorry to say but I do not see your approval for the proposal. Can you check it again?


Aah that's really strange. I tried it a few times through Ecency link and it took me to the proposal, a drop down and then I approved through keychain. I have now tried using the Hive Signer link instead. That says 'transaction has been successfully broadcasted'... so fingers crossed it worked this time! Do let me know if my vote still hasn't been counted !LUV


Thanks to Afri-tune community for this great privilege. I am happy to be an African woman.


Oh myyy, this badge look so beautiful. Thank you so much @hivebuzz


Glad to read you like our new badge @gloriaolar

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