A movie for the weekend: Sweet tooth

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I have been so busy in the past week, trying to adjust with the new environment, the light is not stable and the network is very poor, i had to buy another sim[airtel] which is pretty fast but their subscription sucks, and the data drains quickly...

The power authority surprised us yesterday though, they left the light on from morning till midnight, i was silently wishing they take it because when good thing like this happen in Nigeria, we suffer for it later, so i am trying to avoid that part they give light for 24 hours and take it for 2 days...xd


While i was trying to relax yesterday, i entered the netflix app and saw this movie titled sweet tooth on the trending page, the theme picture was attracting and when i read the short summary, i was more curious to watch it....


I just started watching this movie and i am still in episode 6 but i am going to drop some infos about it and probably others would also find it interesting and join me to watch....

Sweet tooth movie is about a special hybrid boy[half human half deer] that was born during pandemic, he was special because he was the first of its kind, it was during the time a diseases infected the world and it started killing the people, the same time these hybrid babies were born.... No one knows if it was the hybrid that came to the world first and cause the diseases or it was the diseases that came first....

The last men took it upon themselves to kill all hybrids since they believed they were the cause of the pandemic, but there are still good people out there too and sweet tooth grew up with one until their haven was invaded by a last man, his father got killed and he lived alone for some seasons before he eventually decided to find his mum who stays in colorado....

He met someone called Big guy who saved him from the last men who were trying to kill him and they got bonded....

The journey was risky and so dangerous because once they catch him, he will be killed without any mercy, the way they killed his kind.. One thing that makes him different from the others that was killed is that he can talk...


Another scene in this movie was about some group of youth who took it upon themselves to protect the hybrid from the last men, they have a leader who thinks without her, they would not do anything and she also think they obeyed her every command not knowing they obey because it is exactly what they want to do...

She attempted to stop an execution meant for Big guy and that made her group turned their back on her, this led to the tag team of gus, big guy and the girl.....

Remember i said i am still in episode 6, so many things yet to be unraveled but it is getting more and more interesting and if i don't find it interesting, i would have drop it due to the fact that i have lot of work to do...

So join me in watching this interesting movie!

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It lacks some acting but that's to be expected with a bunch of kids lol overall though I've really enjoyed the series and the storyline with it all. The setup for Season 3 has me eagerly awaiting the next.


season 3? looks like i am late to the party lol, just started watching yesterday and i love every part of it, and yes they got us with the story line and it is good that we can't really predict what is to come next, so they got viewers glued


Sweet tooth was one of the best series I saw last year and I have been waiting for the season 2, thanks to you for posting something about it on discord.

The series about hybrid humans still makes me feel like something is cooking somewhere and I hope we don't get to the age where human with animal features will exist.

I think they will be cool but the same thing happening in sweet tooth might happen again.


i doubt that is ever going to happen, it is just a movie lol

i am missing out on lot of good films, if not that it is trending on netflix, i won't have know about it


Just look at that! I also saw it on the trending page but it didn't caught my attention that much for me to click it and check what's it about. I like the storyline. Will give it a watch tonight :)


The truths were well said, when see you that kind of light , you will surely suffer it later , I experienced it too in may area but the suffering was crazy


i have to find a means to sort the light issue, unfortunately the two things I need the most are what is lacking, which is network and electricity


I have not seen this movie before but the way you are telling it is very interesting I will definitely watch it in the next few days also here in Pakistan the light system is not perfect here. How many hours a day does the light go on. Then I will tell you how I like this movie.


it is interesting, they have not given us light since yesterday morning, only getting worse


Yesterday, I went to a friend's house in such weather, there is no UPS, so when we went to sleep at night, the light went off after about an hour and then it didn't come on until morning.


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