The Hive Gamification Proposal

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Our current proposal is slowly coming to an end and we invite you to renew your support to our project for the next years.

What is Hivebuzz?

HiveBuzz is a project that is designed to bring gamification to the Hive blockchain by:

  • tracking users' activity and achievements
  • notifying them of their progress
  • organizing contests and challenges
  • interacting personally with users

Users receive virtual badges that reward them for being active on the Hive blockchain or for participating in contests, challenges, meetups, and other Hive-related initiatives.

Users can check their achievements on the HiveBuzz Website and look up their ranking to compare themselves to others on the Ranking page.

The HiveBuzz project was initiated 6 years ago by @arcange, a now renowned actor in the Hive ecosystem. HiveBuzz is one of the oldest projects on the platform that is still alive, and from the very beginning, it has been much appreciated and receives very positive feedback and support from the whole Hive community every day.

Work done

In 2022, we finally left the covid years behind and were able to share joyful and fun times... and sometimes less happy ones.


These three acronyms and the associated initiatives have now become famous, so much so that many communities have followed suit with similar events.

We animate the Power Up Day every 1st day of the month. The intense activity generated in the Hive Power community each month is growing, even outside our ecosystem, on Twitter in particular.

The Power Up Helper confirms each month how supportive the Hive community is for newcomers.

The Power Up Month raises the bar by encouraging the user to increase their stake each day of the month.

Each month we reward users who regularly participate in the Power Up Month and help others with Hive Power delegations.

Since then, the LeoFinance community has followed suit by organizing its own power-up event. For the past few months, every 15th of the month you can participate in the Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) and win a badge at the same time.

NFT For Peace

As we mentioned in our introduction, the year did not start under the best auspices for some. On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine and began a war that does not seem ready to stop.

Several Ukrainian members of our community have continued to use our platform to bear witness to the suffering endured by the Ukrainian people.

Quickly, the HiveBuzz team, very affected by these events, mobilized to provide assistance to civilians by initiating the NFT for Peace project.

We collaborated with @zirochka who stayed in Ukraine and who provided several reports on the use of the funds raised. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

During HiveFest in Amsterdam, @Zirochka came to present a poignant testimony on the usefulness of this project. You can watch it on YouTube.

HiveFest - Back to the "real" world

Speaking of HiveFest, after two years of Virtual Reality, this year marked the big return to the real world. We have therefore worked hard to prepare for this event with:

  • A Meetings Contest with a dedicated page and ranking on our website.
    Of course, we had to synchronize our development with @roelandp's apps and scripts to make everything go well during HiveFest.
  • 4 badges
HiveFestFor all attendees
Travel Fund DonatorFor those who donated to the Travel Reimbursement Fund
Meetings ContestFor those who participated in our Meetings Contest
Balls Of SteelFor those who participated in the Pétanque tournament
  • A real trophy

This year, we had a great first: we made a trophy that is not virtual but very real, a crystal trophy to reward those who have traveled five times to participate in HiveFest. Surprisingly we had an identical number of five HiveFest Veterans who got their trophy: @arcange, @blocktrades, @danea, @gandalf and @roelandp.

World Cup Contest

Another big event we held that lasted an entire month was our World Cup Contest.

With more than 7000 HIVE, hundreds of NFTs and thousands of Tokens to be won thanks to a dozen sponsors who support this initiative, the HiveBuzz World Cup Contest was the event of the end of the year on the blockchain.

The event came with several posts every day (which required updates too), 64 badges to be updated according to the course of the competition, a ranking which allowed participants to know their status in the competition (almost) in real time, hundreds of comments to reply to, ...

It was a huge job for our team, both in terms of preparation and daily work. Fortunately, the enthusiastic feedback we received was really supportive and helped us to keep going.

Several hundred participants were not mistaken and had fun with us for several days.


We rewrote our website from the ground up to maintain top performance and stay up to date with developing technologies.

We have created several new badges for calendar events and Hive users' initiatives like

Valentine's dayTo celebrate with your beloved on the blockchain
HalloweenFor people telling us about their scariest story
Keychain SurveyTo reward participants in the Keychain survey
CBRS Infographic ContestTo reward participants and sponsors of the CBRS Infographic Contest
ChristmasA badge that you can give to your friends to celebrate Christmas

Another very sad event was the unexpected death of @erkiahsue who left us far too young. We have created a dedicated badge for her, as we have already done for other members of our community.

Hard to go back to happier things after that, but Hive got its anniversary and as we do each year we created the Hive Birthday badge for users being on the Hive blockchain for 6 years.

We made some of these badges available on our shop where you can customize and put them on your favorite items.

HiveBuzz's job is also to manage more than 3000 replies per month to our notifications, to which we give our full attention and respond to each one of them.

Proposal renewal

The purpose of this proposal is to renew the previous proposal, which expired at the end of December 2022, for the next two years.

The HiveBuzz project has proven over time to be an excellent motivator and user retention tool. It also helps to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community. All this with a fun and positive approach.

We don't want to stop there and want to be able to continue to infuse these positive values into Hive.

We have many new badges or ideas ready for next year like:

  • new social and financial performance indicator badges
  • new meetup badges
  • new community badges
  • new challenges
  • and many more...

Request for Funding

This proposal request is to cover current and future costs in terms of infrastructure and human resources. The operational budget is based on the following elements:

1. Infrastructure

  • servers (web, processes, database and storage)
  • security and monitoring
  • maintenance and backups services

2. Graphic Design and Web Development (3 people)

  • Creation of new challenges and contests with prizes to win
  • Design and implementation of new badges
  • Development of new features
  • Database design and maintenance

3. Communication and Community management (2 people)

  • Daily interaction with users
  • Communication about new badges, challenges, contests and features
  • Translation management
  • Events organization
  • supporting and guiding newcomers

Considering what is mentioned above and taking into account our past experience of several years of activity and our anticipations for the future, we are asking for 280 HBD per day for the next two years.

We are committed to keeping you informed about our activities, and as we did during the previous funding, we will report on the work carried out.

Support This Proposal

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Well I'll support your proposal! Hive needs projects like yours, great work!

Well done @hivebuzz! You successfully guessed the match result and unlocked your badge!
Click on the badge to view your board. Click [here]( to check your ranking.

Thank you to our sponsors. Please consider supporting them.

@arcange @leofinance @threespeak @wrestorgonline

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wish it was rehearsal space or gas cans but im game


I love earning badges and competition - it's a great way to stay motivated and involved in the community. It's so much fun and I definitely support your projects so that we can continue to enjoy competition and earn badges.


It is a very nice proposal. I will support the proposal!


all the support in the world for you guys, you are doing an incredible job ;)


Can't imagine Hive without Hivebuzz! Of course, my vote is for you and the all great work you do!


Thank you. Looking forward to getting your support 🙂⏳


Its not a big one but put in my vote 😀
Keep up the good work


Gamification is an important role in the Hive ecosystem and I use often Hivebuzz for track some my statistic!
I support with pleasure!


Very grateful for the work they do and the continuous support they provide. I am also grateful to all those who provide and lend a hand to such a beautiful project. A thousand successes in your project and may it continue to grow.

I support your proposal @hivebuzz

Blessings to all💕


I put in my vote to support Hivebuzz, as I don't remember if this was proposed before or not :)

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Your work in the system is really amazing. Though am just a month here, i can testify that i love it. It helps newbies to feel belonging. Like me, when you first commented on my post, i was like 😀wow, they have welcomed me. You know what it means when you are trying to find your way in a new country and someone sacrificed his time to guide you. That is how I felt with your work on hive blockchain. I will support your proposal. Thank you for all that you doing. Am sure millions here love it. 5 gbosa to you the buzzy Man 😀


Of course I'll support, this is one of the best projects out there
Thanks @arcange for bringing this to my attention


Thank you for your support @seki1


Am grateful to you for the amazing work your are doing in this community. thank you for accepting me in this community. Am new and need your advice


Je soutiens votre travail utile pour l'écosystème.


Thank you for the presentation. Well done, a support is well deserved, and it's a lovely project. Good work. Thank you, whole HiveBuzz team 🙏😎


Nearly forgot to add my big thank you for all your help.
Thank you very much ^_^


What are the real costs of running this operation? $200k seems like a lot.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it a project behind @arcange? I support and supported several of his proposals and will do, but summing things up it seems like you're running a Microsoft. A Microsoft-like operation would require more funds than essential for Hive the Keychain and HiveSQL projects combined.

Sorry, but I find it costs about $200-300 a month to maintain and keep the service updated to current blockchain state. The rest should be your business model. The World Cup event got you over $500 income. I don't envy you, but I show you the way you could easily get the costs covered. @hivebuzz would need to reimburse a graphic designer? No problem do a post or two.



I don't understand why people are even voting for Hive's biggest spammer.
Other people have been downvoted for much less.

200k for something that is already built is ridiculous.
I also think it's a stupid service.


It is not stupid, gamification is one way of having people motivated and sometimes it can be even more successful than bonuses (at a workplace). We need to keep people engaged in Hive and hivebuzz helps a bit. I'm Not against hivebuzz, I'm just against paying them $200k


You know what the real achievement is? Hive Power.


That can be bought :) other social media they thrive on engagement we can't stay behind


Hey @felixxx we're asking for less to build something NEW and really cool. Look out for our proposal soon.


For years, HiveBuzz has operated with the sole source of funding being the income from the few posts published. It simply doesn't work to support such a project (infrastructure, developers and other people working with us).

We don't have a "business model" as you suggest because we don't sell services. The purpose of our activity is to motivate and promote user retention on the platform. If the amount of the proposal may seem high, it must be taken into consideration that it is spread over two years.


You've got my full support! You guys have done such a great job! Bravo!👍


All your projects are good and deserves a support! Keep up the good work. Successful project needs capital or money. I have given my little support


Regards, I will be attentive to vote on the proposal to renew it


Thanks @cetb2008! The HiveBuzz team wishes you all the best for 2023! Have a Happy New Year ✨🥂✨


Be the new guy sucks but I do have a question for anyone I have a little bit of Hive so do I want to buy RC or just stake say 1.o Hive ? Help a guy out


Gamification rewards people for just showing up in most games nowadays so why don't we have incentive to post daily? There should be an initiative to memorialize/reward consistently posting every day! Maybe it could be a weekly or monthly badge? Weekly or Monthly posting missions would be killer. You have my vote!


It is an amazing job. I always recognize that you are a wonderful teem @hivebuzz. Thank you for the gifts


The work hivebuzz is doing especially, in carrying all hivers along is extraordinary. This project must require funds to run smoothly.

#hivebuzz, may your wish be granted.


What happened to Hivebuzz rankings? It's not working. I want to support the proposal if that is going to get fixed


Sorry for the late reply. HiveSQL had some hiccups at that time and our ranking relies on it. It's been fixed now.
Now you can support our proposal, right? 😁


Me gusta recibir las informaciones de ustedes, creo que es satisfactorio y bueno para la comunidad


I will support this proposal. I hope I can learn some of them.


Genial!, cuenta con mi apoyo, me aparece muy motivador y fantástico que hive tenga estos proyectos que día a día hacen la diferencia en esta plataforma. Exitos en todo. 🙏🏼✨


Am supporting your proposals. Hive can't do without you. Keep it up


excelente su labor cuente conmigo siempre estoy con HIVE y toda su platforma estoy muy feliz de que me tomen en cuenta un abrazo a mi pequeño grupo y grande de corazón


saludos mis fieles seguidores necesito mas asesoramiento ya que descosco cual es el procedimiento hivebuzz por favor y gracias por tomarme en cuenta.


If you have any question, feel free to contact us on Discord


What I my going to support if not "HIVEBUZZ" ........Hivebuzz as been a best proposal I will always support


Thank you very much for the support, truly my greatest desires are to learn and grow more every day. I offer my apologies, as I am new and do not understand much. I am going little by little, since English is not my native language, but I will try to learn with time. Thank you very much.


Greetings to all!
Supporting the proposal.