An interesting movie for the weekend - Nowhere

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This movie is so emotional, towards the end I thought the woman drowned and died while trying to save her baby but miraculously she was saved too.



The title of the movie is Nowhere and it is number 2 on Netflix's trending page at the moment, I was just trying to check out exciting movies when it popped up in trending, and when I read about it, it seemed interesting so I decided to watch and no regret at all.

It all started with a couple trying to flee their country with other people, they were loaded in a truck but unfortunately, the husband and wife were separated into two different trucks.

The truck in which the wife was inside got stopped by some armed men and everyone in the truck was killed except for the woman who was lucky to hide and that was how she was the only one being transported with goods to the destined location.

A terrible storm collapsed the ship and all the containers on the ship were offloaded inside the sea, it was just the pregnant lady alone sealed in a shipping container.

She was a bit lucky at first as there was bottled water and sardines inside the container and she ate that for days, but with each passing day, the container was sinking because the armed men that attacked earlier drilled a hole in the container when they were shooting the people.

She delivered her baby by herself inside the container and when there were no more sardines to eat, she was forced to eat her child's placenta I find that part very disgusting but I guess anyone will do that just to survive.

I have heard stories like this during World War that people were eating dead bodies when there was nothing for them to eat, so times the situation we find ourselves in left us no option but to do anything possible to survive

It got to an extent where she had to feed on fish uncooked until the container drowned and she found herself in the ocean with her baby.

When all hope was lost, a boat appeared and that was the emotional part because the mother already sacrificed herself to save the baby, fortunately, she was rescued too, and didn't die.

I recommend this movie to all movie lovers to watch for the weekend.

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Oh my God, In just few paragraphs you have given a detail overview of the movie. That part, where she eats the placenta of her own child would really be disturbing for many of us. But it's shocking to know that during world war such incidents have happened.
I will surely watch this Tragic movie.


Geeez! She ate her baby's placenta? That's truly disgusting but she was left with no food to eat, I understand. From the way you review this movie enn, are you sure I will not go and watch it🤔


I thought you would have started watching it already lol.

Go go🙂


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As you are saying that this movie is very interesting and very emotional, I will try to watch it next Sunday and then let you know how I feel.