Review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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Ape start war, Humans will not forgive, These were the last words of Caesar to Malcolm at the end of the movie.



Just as we have it in Humans, we also have betrayals and dishonesty going on in the land of the Apes.

Many are familiar with the story of Caesar, how he lived with a man and he taught him how to speak and communicate with humans but other apes are being used for lab tests and maltreated which did not go well with Caesar and he decided to free them and that was how many apes were freed and they moved to the jungle where Caeser became a leader over them and protecting them with his wisdom and skills he learned from the human.

In the dawn of the Planet of the Apes, humans needed a power supply to their community and the dam they needed to get it from was in the land of the ape but due to lack of trust and misunderstanding, they had issues as time went on, Caesar[ape] and Malcolm[human] were able to come to terms until one of the ape called Koba who was maltreated by human and has hatred in him decided to cause a war between humans and ape.

He killed two humans and also tried using the human gun to kill Caesar then he convinced the Apes it was done by humans and told them to kill all humans they saw.

They went ahead to go to the city to keep the humans as prisoners, fortunately, Caesar did not die and was rescued by Malcolm and his family and that was where the truth was revealed that it was an ape that tried to kill him.

Those loyal to Caesar were also caged by Koba and some apes that disobeyed his order were killed, Caesar's son was not happy with the turn of events cos he knew his father would never want that when it was revealed to him that his father was still alive but weak, his hope was renewed!.

In the end, Caesar kills Koba but the damage has already been done, the humans have contacted the north and soldiers were already coming to the rescue.

Malcolm told Caesar to go back to the woods so the soldier wouldn't meet them there, both of them have grown fond of each other after all they went through together. and that was what brought the first statement above where Caesar stated that the apes started the war and Humans won't forgive them.

This film is not a new film but it has just been added to Netflix which allows me to watch and share a review, I am happy that the next part which is War for the Planet of the Apes is also on Netflix now, I will watch that immediately after this post!

Grab a popcorn and join me.

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Oh this movie sounds interesting, and the way you reviewed it enn! It makes me want to watch it asap


I’d join you on this movie
I must watch it
Thanks for sharing


The way you said this story is very interesting so I will try to invite friends to my house this Sunday and we all sit down and watch it together.