Review of Drishyam - No man is weak when it comes to protecting his family

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Dang! This is one of the best movies I have watched in the year 2023, it is full of suspense and intrigue, you never know what is going to happen along the line till the end. Big kudos to the producer of the movie.



The film is about a family man, an illiterate, fourth-grade dropout, I added this because of the stunt he pulled in this movie as no one expected him to be so smart including the inspector general of police.

So what happened? He lived with his wife and 2 daughters, the eldest of his children went to a school camp where she met a boy who recorded a video of her while bathing and started using it to blackmail her. He wanted sex from her.

A date was fixed for them to meet, they were to meet in the night but the girl took her mother along to plead with the boy, things got unpleasant and the boy was killed in the process, mother and daughter buried the boy and the father only got to know about it the next day he came from work.

It was a bad day for this family but as the man of the house, he needed to keep his family saved, so he destroyed all evidence that may point the boy's death to their doorstep, the police fell for his story but unfortunately for them, the boy was the only son of the Inspector General of Police so she told them to bring him in for more investigation.

He had planned the whole story along with his family, what to say, and how they must not change their statement even if the police threatened them, they were winning until the tide changed.

Anytime they get a little evidence that could incriminate the family, it ends up being a dead end because the man made sure to leave no traces that could implicate his family.

The IG was suspended along with another police officer who hit his kids, until the end he was not caught, the Ig and her husband came to meet him later as a parent and begged him to tell them if their child was still alive or not, he told them the truth of what happened and how their son wanted to ruin his family and begged for their forgiveness.

This film is such a very nice one, No man is weak when it comes to protecting his family and a man can go to any length to make sure his family is saved, the same way a man will do what it takes to provide for his family!

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You just made Bollywood much interesting☺️ Truly, a man can go to any limit to protect his family. I don't really know what most people derive in blacklisting others. This movie is definitely going to my watchlist.


You need to watch it,
It is one of the best Bollywood movie out there


very interesting movie to watch and it continued with the same suspense and thriller in part 2. Second part is mind boggling, very nice acting and nicely scripted. Must watch part 2 😎


Wow, there is part 2 already? Didn't know! It is not on netflix


Yes, and this part 2 is more interesting than part one for me, lets see what you are going to say about it. I saw it on TV, its unavailable on netflix but can be seen in Amazon Prime I think


I have watched the movie earlier and it was the best movie I have seen in Bollywood.
By the way you presented story well here. You are a good story teller.


Thanks man, I love the movie and that is why I am recommending it for others to watch as well


This movie full of suspense.espcially when he changed where he buried the evidence without even is family knowing too.
It's a good watch actually


yea, that part was unexpected! the film deserves an award


I will like to watch this movie
Although am not a fan of Indian movie but the story line look interesting


I wanted to see a movie yesterday but all of them were looking like they won't be interesting
I may watch this at night


My friends have also told me about this movie that it is very interesting and the way you are telling me now, I am also trying to watch it on Sunday, the story is very good.