Cine TV Contest #30 - Come and See

The events of the film take place during World War II, specifically in Belarus, which was affiliated with the Soviet Union at the time. The hero of the film is Floria, who aspires to join the popular resistance to fight the Nazis, but his mother refuses to go to the resistance, but goes against her will. Indeed, he joins and goes with the battalion and leaves his mother and sisters, but the leader of the resistance comes to sort Soldiers to take from them the best physically and leave the rest, unfortunately for Floria was not chosen in the resistance, and Floria is shocked by the decision, so he decides to return to his village, but it was not as it was, but rather empty of farmers, to discover after that that the village was liquidated by the Germans and then enters a panic attack and imbalance because of The horror of the Nazi Germans.

The come and see movie is a war movie, but it is not a movie that carries propaganda especially for the Soviet Union. Rather, the movie presents the crimes of the Nazis in a harsh and unabashed way. It presents all the crimes of the Germans explicitly. The movie also introduces the terrifying aspect, but in a psychological way through Floria, because it is he who presents us with war crimes. With strange facial expressions.

The film also carries a distinct visual identity and does not need an expert to explain to you the accuracy and creativity of the images and cadres, even the scenes that Floria presented with his face through sharp expressions that were not repulsive, but presented within a group of pictures that Floria describes with his face full of frustration, fear, horror and revenge, as well as not understanding what is happening and not understanding it. The situation and all these expressions in one picture made the director not its maker alone, but there is also a photographer who understands the film and the nature of war.

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Why does it cause sleep?

And the film is not an entertaining movie at all. Rather, it carries violent scenes, not in their pictures, but I mean in the extent of their impact. Many violent scenes were not filmed for the viewer to feel the extent of the horror of the war. There are many scenes that the director did not present, but left the viewer to imagine what would happen to the overpowered victims, and that left an impact. Stronger personally.

The film also did not enter into war tactics like the rest of the famous war films, but rather the director presented a realistic aspect of the war, which is barbarism in killing and excessive racism among soldiers towards the victims and lack of respect for the principle of humanity. The director because he gave us the real war.

In the film, the character of Floria and the boy presents us with a tragic journey through his perspective and the suffering of war for others as well, but the character was also not alone in the film, but was accompanied by many people during the film and this did not give a strong impression of the performance that we should have through such a major character that puts us In a distinguished movie but in fact I did not feel any connection between him and the girl in the first half of the movie, but the second half met again with the resistance soldiers, and the communication was at its best between him and the soldiers.

As for the last part of the movie, which was more than half an hour, Floria's character was rapidly declining from what was happening in front of him, and he saw with his own eyes that war is not just bravery, but that you can be a victim and even the weapon will not help you in front of the numerical multitude of the enemy.

But what message does the film convey?

The message is how war destroys nature with all its beauty and how nature withstands these conditions. I noticed during the film that the director is determined to show beautiful natural scenes despite the ugliness of the events. The director also presented how the farmers’ resources were stolen and also mercilessly killed and how anyone will get out of those The war with a different character than the one it was before.

The movie Come and See presented us with a terrifying journey from Ein Florya, which suffers during World War II, which moves from a bad situation to worse than it. The director Klimov also presented his view of the war that destroys humanity and nature, and from his point of view, if nature and humanity are destroyed, nothing will remain but violence and racism and demagoguery.

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