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Welcome to this week's new CineTV Community Newspaper. Be warned because this week's CineTV Community Newspaper is of course Halloween style.

It is dark, night is falling. You close the curtains and put down some candles. To make it cozy you go to the kitchen to prepare some tasty snacks for the evening. This is going to be a night to remember in your memories, you'll take care of that. You feel like an undisturbed evening of TV with your family. You don't know what you're going to watch yet, but it just might be a Halloween movie. There are of course plenty of movies in the CineTV Community this week that have piqued your interest.

You walk back into the living room with your tray and suddenly you stop, you hear a sound that you do not immediately recognize. You stop for a moment to listen, but when you can't hear anything anymore, you just shrug your shoulders and keep walking. You put the tray on the table and walk outside to call your partner that you have the snacks ready.

What kind of shadow is that there? It looks like someone is standing there! Why is it always so dark here? In your mind you make a note that you really have to work on that extra lamp outside. You walk on and a shiver goes down your spine. The leaves rustle on the trees and you can hear mice darting away. When you have told your partner that everything is ready for the evening, you quickly walk back inside, into the cozy warmth, and as soon as you enter, you stand still. There's that sound again! This time you are sure that you have not imagined anything. And the sound is much closer too. There's something upstairs! And it also sounds like that "something" isn't small.

Your thoughts run away and you walk back out. Now your partner should come and have a look! Together you walk in and your heart is beating in your throat, gently you open the door to the hall and walk up the stairs as softly as you can. A dark shadow shoots into the corner and the wind from the open window hits your face. Then suddenly everything happens at once. A blood-curdling scream comes from the corner, you see two lights flicker, a black furry shadow hits your shoulder and your partner bursts out laughing.

"Honey, it's the neighbor's cat who thought to have found a warm spot"

The cat looks at you innocently. Still startled, you pat his head, softly whisper "You little idiot" in his ears, then pick him up to take him to his own house. When you get back home your partner is waiting for you. Let the Halloween night begin!


I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record, but unfortunately I can't make anything else out of it. There is no major community update to tell this week. But rest assured there is plenty to read in this newspaper.

And even though we don't have a major community update, there is definitely a bit of news to share. Do you remember the Dcity executive producer card meme contest written by @ecoinstant? I think so... There won't be a separate post to announce the winner, but the winner of this contest has been chosen.

And this awesome prize was won by @rimurutempest! Congratulations!

For anyone wanting to see the winning creation, feel free to have a look.

To everyone who entered, but didn't win anything, too bad! But there will be more contests for sure. And for a chance at extra curation, it might be an idea to take a look at one of the many #writingprompts?

You can find this on our TWITTER account, but I will share the last one with you here.

One of the #writingprompts this week where you only get a #quote from a movie was:


If you'd like to find the other writing prompts to see if there's anything you're interested in, I'd like to refer you to our Twitter account .

Let's move on to our Contest!


Everyone is in Halloween moods, so @caulderfreeman has put a contest online that is totally in Halloween style. I hope you didn't expect anything else this week? This week we're looking for your favorite Halloween movie

Let your storytelling talent come to life, summon all the witches and convince us with eerily good emotions. If you already submitted your entry, GREAT! If you still have to write it, the submission deadline is 1th November, 2022, 11:59 PM, UTC time.

As you know by now, We love to read your personal stories, not only blogs written for the contest. Why is that one movie or series so special to you? What impact has it had on you? Did a movie or series change your mind about certain things? Just to name a few examples.

Our Movie Star of the Week is the next part of the newspaper. The Movie Star of the week challenge is a challenge that is NOT intended to become a second wikipedia or IMBD. It is NOT meant to take info from the internet and reiterate this info in your own words in a blog.

This challenge is meant to let your personal opinion be heard.

If no blog or comment meets these conditions, then we will not distribute CINE tokens. We take the 100 CINE that would have been there for that week to the next week, and eventually the person who writes the comment, or the blog that does meet the conditions, has a chance to win a lot more CINE at once. But again, only comments or blogs that meet the condition have a chance.

And again, the only condition is that it is your own opinion. No biography about the actor or actress. No filmography of the actor or actress. No! We want to read your opinion.

So let's quickly take a look at what ya'll thought about Tom Cruise.

We had just one blog and a comment from our own community leader. Too bad, I had hoped that more people would feel attracted to write about Tom Cruise. But unfortunately that turns out not to be the case. And while I certainly appreciate @nbarrios67's effort, the blog didn't meet the criteria. That means we don't have any CINE tokens to give away this week. Unfortunately! So next week we have 300 CINE tokens to give away.

So let's move on to this weeks Movie STAR of the Week!

The actress who was voted Movie Star of the Week this week almost knocked me off my feet. When she starred in the movie Titanic in 1997, I was in my mid-twenties. And I was still full of romantic illusions. No, I didn't like her in that sense. I thought she was a great actress and she played the role of Rose in the movie in a beautiful way. But secretly I was also jealous of her. She got to lie in Leonardo DiCaprio's arms! I found him irresistible in that movie. Oh, that look when he draws Rose. I often swooned over that. But there I had my principle that held me back. I don't fall in love with movie stars by definition, do I? Uhm well, at that time and moment, I had to admit, I did! And while I knew I would never stand a chance of being in his arms, it didn't stop me from dreaming. I still had many illusions at that time. LOL.

Times change, and now I wouldn't even want to lie in Leonardo's arms anymore. Not even if I would get any chance doing so. But my admiration for the actress who played Rose so many years ago has remained. She has a certain kind of charm and conviction to me in her acting. That I am not the only one who thinks so is proven by the many awards that she has already been able to write to her name.

Of course you already know that we are talking about;



So you now know what to do. Leave a comment under this newspaper, or write a blog if you prefer. But as said, I'm not looking for biographies or filmographies. It's all on the internet.

What you have to do if you want to earn CINE tokens, is write a comment or blog with YOUR opinion. Why do you like Kate Winslet or not. What appeals to you in her, or what repels you? Does she make you forget the world, do you see the person she plays or do you still see Kate Winslet?

So we have 300 CINE tokens to give away next week. Do your best!

Please keep in mind that we're not going to give out the CINE tokens if your comment or blog has nothing personal.

If you're going to dedicate a blog towards our "Movie STAR of the week", don't forget to use the tag #moviestaroftheweek and link your blog here in a comments so we can easily find it!

As always, feel free to browse over all blogs written under the #cinetv tag. There are so many awesome blogs. We appreciate each and everone of you, who takes the effort to write up a unique, original blog with movie or tv-related content.


The first female exorcist and a real school of exorcism, run by the Catholic Church. You would expect this film to guarantee some nice horror moments. If you like this genre you should be fine with this.


There is no stronger love in this world than a mother's love for her child. A mother's love for her child shines a light in a dark time, can change the whole world. And will always be present. Even when her child is lynched, a mother's love for her child remains unchanged. In this truth-based film, you follow Mamie Till as she fights for justice for her son who was lynched at age 14.


How would you feel if you had a half brother you hadn't seen in years. Now that your father has died, his last wish appears to be that you dig his grave together. So it's time to reconnect with your half-brother, but is it really that easy? Burying a father is no fun, but the past cannot be buried.


One of my favorite parts of the weekly newspaper. The juicy gossip! I can't help it, I think it's one of the "guilty pleasures", which I will never admit after today. Because like everyone else, I always pretend that I'm not interested in that at all.

  • Divorce is never the most fun you can experience as a couple. Certainly not if that, just like with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, ends in a fight divorce that has to be fought out in court. In addition, all the details have to be brought to the table.

    In that respect it is certainly not the best time of their lives for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, but they are doing much better in one way. Their divorce can be settled amicably and in this way both can quickly move on with the process and then their new life. In which the love for the children remains central to both.

  • In the meantime, we are approaching the last months of the year, and a large part of the population is slowly starting to look forward to the magical play of lights that many people bring into their homes at Christmas. The dark months are approaching. Although this time is also associated by many people with cosiness and warmth indoors.

    Whether that also applies to the English Royals this year remains to be seen. They may be more concerned this Christmas with what Harry's book will bring. That book will officially be released on January 10. And the title alone is so telling that the family fears for the contents of the book.

    Reportedly The lawyers are ready

  • Life isn't easy for some movie stars. Michael J. Fox knows everything about that. The former Back to the Future actor was diagnosed with Parkinson's several years ago, and the past year has been hell for him. In 2020 Michael will be retired from acting to suffer less from his Parkinson's complaints, which certainly affect his movements.

    But in the past year, several broken bones have also been added. Still, Michael's loved ones say that although this is very annoying and causes a lot of trouble for him, it does not necessarily mean that his illness is now progressing faster.

    Hopefully that is not the case and Michael can enjoy his life with his family in good health for a good number of years. I sincerely wish him that!

  • And sure enough, there is once again envy among Hollywood stars. This time it's Matthew Perry (faded glory?), against Keanu Reeves (resurrected glory?).

    Matthew has written a book, and in that book he wonders why Keanu is still alive He also dares to refer to River Phoenix, Keanu's best friend when he was alive .

    You could call this a bit misplaced. It's even weirder to put yourself out there like that and show your envy so clearly. Matthew doesn't score any points with me with this. Depending on whether and how Keanu will react, the bonus points will still go to him.

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks Newspaper!

Enjoy your week


We like to point out the following note about plagiarism once again!

We have an entire team dedicated to finding AND reporting plagiarism and abuse. And be warned, we NEVER will tolerate plagiarized blogs. Not in plagiarized words, nor images!

We have seen some really great posts that failed to source their pictures and so we were not able to curate them properly. Remember to only post YOUR OWN words and to properly source the photos that you use that are not your own.

Plagiarism is THEFT and has no place in our CineTV family!

Thanks...we love you all!


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I can't wait to participate in this contest, this is my first time commenting here and I must say this community is fantastic.
I hope to learn from here.


Let's rock it this week again.. we go again


Happy spooky Halloween!

Like you, I adored Kate Winslet in Titanic, not necessarily for her acting but because I wanted to BE her! I can't think of any movie that I have seen her in that I didn't love! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind convinced me that she was an incredible actress. The roles she has played are so varied. The Holiday, The Dressmaker, to Divergent, to Mare of Easttown. And Iris. And The Reader. Looking at her list of movies makes me realize that she has had a major role in many of my favorites. I guess I am more of a Kate Winslet fan than I realized!


Another great week to come.

Thanks for the prize! 😀


annnnnnndddd THAT'S why I am a dog person! lololol A dog would never try to steal your soul like those unholy cats!!! Such great writing and suspense @hetty-rowan !!!! I loved it!

I must admit I'm not that much of a Kate Winslet fan, but I do think that her character in Titanic took some very harsh criticism on how she handled the whole situation in the water thing lololol