What was your favourite Kids TV?

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I was born in the 80's.

Around then we saw some great kids TV emerge, from thundercats to captain planet; I watched all of them! Especially when just home from school and before I went out to kick about with my friends.

Well, perhaps I'm a little biased there, haha. I'm sure childrens TV has always been good.

Nevertheless the 80's saw the rise of some classics like

Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds

Ah, the memories. I can remember screaming back home at 100 miles per hour to watch this one. This was one of my early favourites, and so much so that I used to have dreams about it. I always imagined I was dogtanian! Hah.

This one made a huge impression on me as I grew up. It's why I really became quite interested in the book it was based on: D'Artagnan and the Three muskateers, by Alexandre Dumas. It was something I learned as I grew older, but damn, it's such a good tale of valiance and honour. I miss those times a little.


"Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight"

Ah, man. What quality TV showing. I remember having a thundercats sword. Boy did I want to be Lion-o so badly.

Another TV showing in the 80's that lasted well into the 90's was Thundercats. It may come as no shock to any of you that this one is the most well loved of all the early stuff. I think they have tried to remake it, but it fell foul of the current puritan climate.

That being said it was quite the entertainment from kids. Had action, sadness, roadblocks, and winning. Another one I miss quite dearly! Maybe they might make another remake but I quite doubt it.

Dungeons and Dragons

Ah, back when TV was wholesome. The weird thing is that I've never even played a dungeons and dragons game before because when I was a kid that was only what nerds do,

And I wasn't a nerd, oh no, no way.

My wife and I think I'd have been happy playing this game though and it's why we're teaching our son to only care about what he wants rather than travelling the life of me in trying to please everyone under the sun.

If anyone I would have been the Cavalier, an eternal coward, but would always end up doing something majorly heroic at the end of the day that would save everyone. That's me, hah!

The Real Ghostbusters

You can see a theme forming here right? I very much liked the idea of being a hero as a child, and that even lends its ideas to ghostbusting! There's a lot of older age-group themes in the TV show, and perhaps it was meant for an older teenager audience but it didn't stop me watching it from when I was only in primary 1.

I remember watching the first episode at one of my friend's houses -- can remember that a cartoon version of one of the great movies we all had just seen was on cartoon too.

Weirdly Venkman was always my favourite - being the sarcastic asshole that he was, and I liked that about him. Sometimes I wish I could be a little more sarky haha.

But that's it for now. Do any of you have any favourites you would like to tell me about? Give me a shout in the comments.

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Right to the childhood. Thanks for the post❤


There are a few, when I was a kid I was always watching tv until i got my first pc on 95, Gobots, Bravestarr, Saint Seiya, Voltron, Dino Riders, Samurai Cats, list goes on


Robotech aka Macross. I would never miss an episode. In fact you couldn't because it was chronological so if you missed one you wouldn't know exactly what was going on in the next one. It was a Sci-fi Soap Opera with death and adult subjects, stuff they could never air these days.

It also spawned my love for Japan and eventually got me to go there where I met my wife, all because of Robotech.