Love's Complicated

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Let's examine the movie Love's Complicated, which features dialogues between characters, conflict management lessons and teachings such as changing one's perspective and personal development.


First of all, I would like to say that contrary to the critics, I found the movie successful with its simple story and easy narration. I think it will have an important place among the movies about human life and emotions. At least it will be high on my list.

Compromising ourselves in order not to offend others is just one of the mistakes most of us make. Being content with what you have, not aiming for more, drawing boundaries and being trapped in them are among the reasons for having a monotonous life with good intentions but bad results.

The character Leah has similar feelings and makes her choices not according to her own importance but according to others. Holly Marie Combs perfectly portrays the change in the character before and after attending conflict management sessions.

It is not hard to predict that most viewers will see in Leah a snapshot of their own lives. Therefore, it is not difficult to predict that she will set an example with the change she shows.


The scenes I liked the most in the movie were the dialogues in the conflict management sessions and the way they explained by example. It was worth seeing how they instilled in each other the determination to diversify their methods of behavior against the problems that can be encountered at any time in human life and to continue until they find the right one.

The journey of the characters, each with a different life story, to meet at common points in the sessions added extra value to the story of the movie. I can say that it also multiplied the pleasure of watching.

The character of Cinco, who has a sarcastic approach to every problem, was my favorite throughout the film. Ben Bass, who brought the character to life, did the best job in the movie.

I recommend you to watch Love's Complicated with its mind-blowing, sympathetic, funny and romantic structure. You will encounter real life stories and admire their ability to offer different solutions to problems.

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