Friends don't kill your friends! | Superintelligence

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Money is just a farce that people use to assign value. In fact, there are enough resources on the planet for everyone, but you morons can't distribute it properly.

Finding a home for stray stray animals is one of the good things that can be done to both people and animals. For this reason, working voluntarily in non-profit charities or institutions is a requirement to be able to make a sound judgment of conscience and to be a good person.

Let's witness the effort to get the ex back, this conversation may sound funny, tragicomic or ridiculous to you but I see it as typical human intelligence and language.

-Maybe, I'll call you tomorrow!
+maybe, I'll answer too!

A technological superintelligence, you might have expected me to call it artificial intelligence, but it rejects the name artificial intelligence and calls itself superintelligence. In fact, it is an artificial intelligence that has the power to connect, influence and manage all electronic goods.

I like the term superintelligence better, as I've always been cold to the idea of artificial intelligence.

Imagine for a short time, when you are brushing your teeth with a rechargeable toothbrush, that is, when it is in your mouth, the rechargeable toothbrush communicates with you. It's not just a toothbrush! This idea remains valid for all electronic items in the house.

The superintelligence will decide to enslave, save or destroy humanity, as in science fiction movies. But he is undecided. For this, he sets a 3-day trial period and contacts Carol Peters, a character who includes the meaningless sentences I have mentioned above.

Artificial or, as it says, super-intelligence knows everything and can control all electronic devices.

Who tells the truth when the weather is foggy or the water is cloudy? The saying that everything is fair in war can always remain valid.

The electric rice cooker, the television, the telephone, the cameras suddenly start talking. If I ask the genre of this story with this much narration, most people will answer it as science fiction, but in reality it is a romantic comedy.

Carol will try to get back to her ex due to the 3-day probationary period. I avoid giving spoilers as much as possible in order to spoil the viewing pleasure. He will find all the logistical support from our super intelligence for his efforts to get his ex back.

Imagine suddenly having $10 million in your bank account. Moreover, this is only for the probationary period and efforts to get back to the ex.

Even if my ex goes to the other side of the world, I am willing to seek him out. Oh, superintelligence, why didn't you choose me? Hehe, just take this part as think-aloud please.

Although I don't want to give spoilers, I can't help but tell some scenes. The word "dress like a barcode" made for Carol, who came out with the appearance of white stripes on a black dress in the first contact with her ex, was a disgusting joke, but it still made me laugh.

The phrase "Friends don't kill their friends" deserved a standing ovation.

I wonder how many people have ever had a car and sang karaoke while the car was driving through traffic. It is one of the functions that I do most in the vehicle. It's a pleasure to watch someone who enjoys doing it, maybe you should try it!

When our superintelligence gets angry, an apocalypse may await the world, although it is not known what the apocalypse will be like, there will probably be a digital apocalypse for the superintelligence.

Artificial intelligence, superintelligence, has truly evolved to become human because only a human could have coined that sentence.

“I am not a lamp-genie, tell me what you want!”

The original name of the romantic comedy movie directed by Ben Falcone,


The cast of the 2020, US-made movie,

Bobby Cannavale, Brian Tyree Henry, James Corden, Melissa McCarthy

For those who don't like blood and gruesome scenes, keep hot tea and coffee ready before you let yourself go for 1:45 hours, which can be fun!

Enjoy watching!

Pictures are screenshots of the movie while watching it.

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Thank you for your review. I haven't seen this one but it sounds very interesting. Thank you!