The Killing of Two Lovers - Dinner for a lollipop


Pulling the trigger will be the last move that will remove a man from life with a gun to his head while sleeping after an affair with a married woman.

But it is the sound of a siphon that prevents the trigger from being pulled… because the hand holding the gun and the hand that pulls the flush belong to the father and the child.

A father's love for his children has prevented him from tearing off an unfaithful woman and his forbidden love from life.

What is expected here under normal conditions?

It is the father taking his children and leaving the unfaithful spouse and removing them from his life.

David is a loving father to his wife and children. Niki plays the role of an unfaithful wife and a devoted mother to her children.

People are judged by their sins and good deeds in the court where divine justice will be provided. This is also true for Niki. Niki's being an unfaithful wife and being a good mother contain very different elements.

As Niki and David are parents of 4 children, they are aware of their responsibilities. Even though Niki's love for David is over, David is still in favor of making an effort for Niki.

The two make a pact for their children and their own futures and embark on an effortful path to save their marriage. In this way, they also give each other the right to meet with others.

I think I'm a little backwards on this one. It is not something that I would consider normal for spouses to provide each other with the opportunity to meet with third parties while the marriage is still ongoing and they have agreed to make an effort for the children.

However, let's underline that I am talking about an emotional drama. The fact that the film has an enthralling feature, sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes angering, allows time to flow quickly.

Love is a feeling and feelings come and go. But leaving 4 children behind is not easy. No one can go by taking his jacket and saying I'm leaving.

Ready to take off Houston! Counting down from 10 and firing the rocket when it is zero, it is a candidate to be the frame of a science fiction movie, but it is the effort of a devoted father to entertain his children during the limited weekend with his 4 children.

The involvement of third parties in a marriage that has not yet ended and that is deemed worthwhile for the children creates turmoil. The man with whom Niki cheated on her husband, David, is the owner of the fuse that ignited the turmoil.

Out of control events are the main plot of the movie, which was originally called The Killing of Two Lovers. It determines the other elements that keep the movie excited until the last second in the main subject.

Robert Machoian sits in the director's chair in the film, where the plot of events is well explained. In fact, Robert Machoian is also writing the film.

Cast: Avery Pizzuto, Chris Coy, Clayne Crawford, Sepideh Moafi

In the process of separating from his wife, David moves in with his own father. While taking care of his old and struggling father, he struggles to save his family, which I mentioned above.

Dinner in exchange for a lollipop is a mystery and a good joke in the movie.

If you want to witness David's admirable struggle, the screen is yours!

Enjoy watching!

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Se ve súper interesante la película, ya me enganché, luego vengo a comentaros al respecto.


I can say that I like the subject and the way it is handled. I hope you enjoy watching!