Action-Packed—Review Of The Beekeeper (2024)

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“You've disturbed a Beekeeper...If a Beekeeper says you're gonna die, you're gonna die. There's nothing I can do or anybody else to stop it.”
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It turns out the first 2024 film I'll watch is none other than an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping action thriller featuring Jason Statham! That's a good start, I think though there are some 2023 films that I'm hoping to see soon.

I love this actor's movies because he's good at what he does and his humour is simply hilarious. But in this film, we don't see that humourous side of him. He's all businesslike and serious, which is good and suits the character. So let's get into a brief synopsis of the film.

The Beekeeper (2024) is an action thriller about a beekeeper, Adam Clay (played by Jason Statham). He chooses a quiet life, tending his bees and producing honey from inside the barn of a retired school teacher, Eloise Parker (played by Phylicia Rashad). Then Eloise's shocking suicide raises questions and it's revealed that she was scammed of all her savings and charity money by a dangerous group. Adam Clay goes after these scammers burning down their call centres just as Eloise's daughter, Verona, an FBI agent.

It happens that Adam Clay is no ordinary beekeeper but part of a classified program known only to the higher-ups in the US government and they are considered fearsome.

Verona is in a bind. She struggles between fulfilling her duties as a law enforcement agent and proving her loyalty as a daughter to her deceased mother. Will she stand in Adam Clay's way or allow him to avenge the death of her mother and other people who had been scammed? How high up does this scam group go?


This movie is impressive! The plot is brilliant and the storytelling is seamlessly executed in a way that keeps a person on the edge of the seat from the start of the film till the final credits. Themes of justice, right and wrong, compassion and loyalty are covered in this film.





As expected, Jason Statham did not disappoint. His fighting skills both with guns and knives are amazing to watch. I think I'll say kudos to all the actors involved in the action scenes. The action sequences are well choreographed, and the stunts are great and believable. Clearly, the cast dedicated themselves to their roles, bringing authenticity to every scene.

It's great to see Phylicia Rashad is still active in the film industry though her screen time is very small. As always, Jeremy Irons played his part well as one of the villains.

The one actor I'm not too happy with is Emmy Raver-Lampman as Agent Verona. The dillydallying in her decision is to be expected but realistically, it's her mother who was scammed! I expect that she would aid Adam Clay to do his thing rather than give him problems. All the same, she's simply playing her part and did it well.

Another part of this movie that got my attention was the espionage and classified mystery surrounding the name ‘the beekeeper' and how it's connected to the real workings of a natural beehive. Who would have thought? Good thing, I learned some things about bees and how they operate.

Overall, The Beekeeper is a great one and I'll recommend it to all action lovers if you've not seen it. It's fast paced, the action is stunning and Jason Statham is unforgettable! I'll give it 3.9 stars out of 5.

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Heard that was good. Been a Statham fan since Snatch.


Yes, it's so good! You'll love it. Thanks so much for your visit. 🙂


I think there couldn't have been much that Emmy Raver-Lampman could have done with her character, Agent Verona. I think maybe the writers of the film should take the hit. If it's a good film regardless, then why not? This is the second good review now, so I guess mine will come up soon enough.


Yes, the film is great. Emmy's acting is good but the writers portrayed her character as somewhat indecisive which didn't make her likable. Thanks so much for your visit.


Actually. That part may bot have been so cool, but it was fine regardless.

Hey, I was wondering. It's been quite a while since we saw you around Leo. You know, you can now make your posts into any community with InLeo like you would on any frontend. There are curation chances, threads, and interesting rewards to benefit from. Have you tried it yet?


Thanks for this reminder. I'll try the frontend soon. 🙂