CineTV Contest: "A Dog's Purpose"


Hi friends! I'm here with another CineTV contest entry and this time it's a movie that most represents kindness to me. It's one of my favorite movies ever, so I hope you'll like it too!

The movie is called "A Dog's Purpose". The story is about a dog who has many lives and goes through different situations in each life until he finally finds his purpose. In each life, he meets a different person or animal who teaches him something important. In the end, when he reaches his final life, he realizes that he can't be reincarnated anymore because his purpose was fulfilled and he now knows what he must do.

I love this movie because it shows how much we can learn from animals if only we pay attention to them. We can learn a lot about ourselves just by observing them and understanding their behavior. They're not always right but they have their own way of looking at things which makes us think differently as well.

"A Dog's Purpose" is also an inspiring movie, full of messages that everyone should hear and remember. It reminds us to be kinder to others and to be more open-minded. It tells us to live our lives with no regrets and to follow our dreams. And lastly, it tells us to be thankful for everything we have.

When I first watched this movie, I didn't understand all the lessons it taught. But after watching it again recently, I realized how much this movie inspired me. I thought about the meaning of life and what my purpose is. I realized that we shouldn't waste our time on pointless things. Instead, we should try to find out what really matters to us and focus on that.

Another thing I learned from this movie is to appreciate every single moment of my life. Because once it's gone, it will never come back. Every second is precious and we should spend it wisely.

I love everything about this movie. I especially love the main character, Bailey. He's such a sweet dog and I love how he acts. He's very brave, even though he doesn't look it at first. He's a little scared but he still tries to help people anyway.

He also learns a lot throughout the movie and I loved seeing him grow up. When he was younger, he didn't know what he wanted and couldn't make any decisions. But as he grew older, he became stronger and braver. His journey wasn't easy, but he never gave up. Even when he was hurt or scared, he kept going. He always trusted his instincts and followed his heart.

Bailey's best friend is Ethan, a boy who raised him since he was a puppy. He taught him a lot and helped him become the man he is today. He was a good friend and he always believed in Bailey. He knew that he could accomplish anything if he tried hard enough.

The other characters are also amazing. Bailey's owner is played by Dennis Quaid. He's a great father and a loving husband. He loves his family and cares for them. He teaches Bailey how to be a good dog and how to be kind to others. He also encourages him to chase his dreams.

Ethan's parents are played by Juliet Rylance and Luke Kirby. They're a loving couple who want the best for their son. They teach him to be independent and to trust his own instincts. They believe in him and support him in everything he does.

I also love the dog trainer, played by Peggy Lipton. She trains dogs and she's very good at her job. Her training methods work wonders and she helps Bailey get over his fears.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, please watch it. You won't regret it.

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