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So yesterday I decided to reward myself by watching a movie after working throughout the day. Watching movies is something I struggle to do these days majorly because there are a lot of options to choose from, most of which are bad and I dread starting something I won't enjoy or finish.

As I searched for movies online I came across something that caught my eye. It was a vampire movie. I am a millennial and I grew up watching a lot of vampire movies which explains my love for the horror-fantasy genre. For the movie in question I had seen clips of it on TikTok, so I took the bold leap to watch.


The title of the movie is 'Renfield' featuring A-list actors like Nicolas Cage who played the role of Dracula and the British actor Nicholas Hoult as his familiar--Dracula's servant. The movie explores the troubled relationship between a narcissistic master and a subservient subject who had grown weary of his master's bloody-thirsty demands.

In his bid to break out, Renfield encounters a troubled Cop Rebecca Quincy played by Awkwafina who has a vendetta against the cartel that killed her father. Her search for justice and Renfield's need for emancipation align as they battle to take down a supernatural villain, a dirty cartel and a corrupted police department.


As with most vampire movies ***Renfield, *** isn't short of a gruesome fight scene--with plenty of blood. However, the comedic appeal to the movie added a playful twist to these scenes that diluted the horror and to some extent made it enjoyable. For instance, there is a scene where Renfield dismembered a SWAT officer and used both dislodged arms to continue his assault on other officers. I found that scene quite comical considering how ridiculous it was to beat up an entire SWAT team with bare arms.


Although Renfield was the lead character in this movie, I found the antagonist Dracula's performance and persona more captivating. He was a balanced mixture of evil and fun. Everything about this character was well put together from his mannerisms to his eye-catching costume. I fancied his multiple rings and weird-looking fangs.

The other characters in this movie were unremarkable and it had more to do with the characters than the acting. There were not comedic or silly enough for a horror-comedy. So it is safe to say that Cage carried this movie on his back with his brilliant performance and character.

I especially enjoyed the dialogue between Dracula and Renfield which was satirical. You could sense the undertone of their witty exchange. Those were the only moments in the movie I genuinely laughed. It wasn't a super funny movie but it did have its fun rememberable moments, and the producers/writers did well not to stretch the movie.


In all this was a decent movie. The plot was basic as one would expect from a comedic movie, but it did have a strong theme that resonated with me. If you are looking to have a chilled and fun evening then I would recommend You watch Renfield.

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n my youth I was fascinated by horror movies but as the years went by I no longer found them so exciting, on the contrary they had a different effect on me, but there have been movies that take them from horror to comedy and I feel comfortable watching them. As you say, this one is not so funny but you spend a relaxed moment.