Cine TV Contest #38 - Favorite Political Movie or Television Show

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It is good to participate in this Contest through this film that tells again about the previous US elections and some problems that occurred at this time, especially for journalists and Fox Channel.

It revolves around the famous presenter of the American Fox Channel, Megyn Kelly, who is attacked by Trump during an election debate that shakes her status in Fox Channel, a channel that originally supported Donald Trump in the previous presidential elections, but the status of the channel begins to return to the back after she exposed Gretchen Carlson, the director of the Fox News Channel, Roger. Ellis told the press that he harassed the new announcers during individual job interviews, which opens fire on the channel and harassed it as well and other broadcasters such as Megyn Kelly, who hesitates to expose herself.

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It was written by Charles Randolph and Charles had previously written the movie The Big Short, a movie that discusses the catastrophic plunge of the stock market in 2008, and his new movie discusses the issue of harassment, but on Fox News, but the writer's full focus was on the main story, which is harassment and nothing else, but at the beginning of the film you feel that The movie does not force you to watch it, but in the middle of the movie it started to take a breath after we understood the environment and the characters and in terms of dialogues, the movie was at its best and only the first quarter of the movie will confuse you a little, but the balance will be present after the first quarter and more in the half of the movie.

The director is Guy Roach and directed the movie Trumbo, which was discussing a political issue, and here in his new movie a harassment issue, but there is a problem with the director in the way the scenes are presented. The scenes are shown as if the viewer understood the events before and understood the background of the stories, and this is a problem that I encountered in some scenes, but in the second half From the film, everything begins with clarity and the achievement that counts for the director is managing those scenes well. There are many people, many stories, and many decisions. The director puts them in one box for the viewer, and the director succeeds in presenting that box full of stories to the viewer, but the director had to adjust the rhythm of the film. I feel the movie is very fast paced.


Certainly, the most prominent in the film is Charlize Theron, who embodied the real character well and deserves appreciation from the Academy. Nicole Kidman did not appear much in the film, so I can not judge her. As for Margaret Robbie, her performance was fluctuating at times, she embodies the role well and sometimes She does a commercial performance, but in general it was good. As for the actor John Lesgo, I felt that the make-up did not help him much. Sometimes I felt that he could not stand the make-up, unlike Gary Oldman in the movie The Darkest Hours. His make-up was also complex, but he played the role well, unlike John Lesgo.

Bombshell is a good movie, but it needed slow pace rather than rushing scenes, but Charlize Theron's performance gave the movie a special flavor, attractive dialogues, and a movie that presents a case of harassment of female announcers in America in the largest media organization, FOX Network.

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