Cine TV Contest #39 - Favorite Movie with a Rivalry - The Foreigner

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I want to write in this contest, which reminds me of a very good movie of a favorite hero, As soon as I saw that there was a work starring my favorite star, Jackie Chan, I rushed to watch it, and it seems that the work has met with great success because of the action hero, who is one of the fans' favorites with his action films.

I did not watch the trailer of the work, and I did not inquire about its story, but I went towards it in order to watch it. Perhaps I enjoyed it, but I was not completely satisfied. Rather, I felt that the movie was the modified version of Liam Neeson’s “taken” series of films, which annoyed me greatly, because the quote makes the viewer lose the joy of work. However, it cannot be denied that “Jackie Chan” has worked hard to play the role, but he mischosen the story.

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The story of the movie

The film revolves around Quinn, a person who loses his daughter in a bombing in a restaurant in London, and tries to communicate with the police in order to find out the killer, but they ignore him, so he decides to use his experience gained from being a former special operations officer in the American forces in order to hunt down those who carried out the bombing.

Perhaps one of the strengths and weaknesses at the same time is the script of this movie. Because it seems similar in its general theme to a group of international films, perhaps the most prominent of which is the famous “taken” series, which all revolve around the desire for revenge that moves inside the father, and after that the curtain reveals a man with special specifications; This is because he is a former special forces man and has enough skills to be able to retrieve his daughter. The same theme was used, but in this work he lost his daughter.

But let us go beyond the point of similarity, and let us enter into the heart of the scenario. On the one hand, the composition was good and rich in events, and the action scenes added a lot to it. As for the psychological composition and motives, the writer tried to exploit the father’s strong relationship with his daughter to be the motive for revenge, and tried to embody the insistence on doing the same. things powerfully through the skills he possesses.

Although the work relies heavily on action scenes, the story was strong in terms of composition and construction, and the scriptwriter made a different composition in terms of the anti-hero, making them a group of graduated people, in order to make it more difficult to eliminate them, and make it acceptable to the viewer and different They were like steps of a ladder connected to each other until it reached the end.

In the end

I have a reservation about the plot that he created through a political story, for the matter for me was developed without having any meaning, so what is the need for a political link to the events, but there is a love that has taken over the writer, which is his attempt to highlight the frightening actions of politicians, and their ability to eliminate everyone who stands On their way, but all scenarios have errors or defects, and this work, despite being similar in general idea to other works, However, it was full of events and movement, a mix that we rarely find, and despite the abundance of events, it was not monotonous at all.

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Jackie Chan is probably the most famous Hong Konger in the world.

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Good choice for the contest and a nice cast for the movie


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