CineTV Contest #33: The Good Dinosaur


The idea of ​​Pixar animated film, The Good Dinosaur, is very simple: What if the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hadn't hit Earth? After millions of years, Neanderthals and dinosaurs coexisted together? It's also the story of a "boy and his dog", but the boy here is an Apatosaurus named Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) and his "dog" the savage human baby Spot (Jack Bright) who only makes hums and howls But he doesn't say a word at all.)

Although they start out as antagonists early in the movie (at least Arlo has a definite reason to be pissed off at Spot), they eventually become best friends as they navigate the harsh and terrifying wilds of prehistoric America. During their journey, the duo encounter crazy pterodactyls, T-Rex dinosaurs, cowboys, and other primitive animals. Like any other evil dinosaur, Mother Nature is a ruthless enemy here.

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The role of a brave father

The family is the focus of this story where Arlo is a boy who was not brave enough to go through a new experience where he will have to fight the man who steals his food and from here the problem began with his father who tried to make him aware in every way until it came to him that he took him on a trip and that trip that proved The courage of Father Poppa and his role in raising his son, but unfortunately it made him lose his life because of that.

Arlo moves to a new part of his life, begins with anger at this strange creature, then turns into a friendship that makes him go around the earth and discover it, knowing that he must learn the lesson and must be loyal to his father as his father has been all his life, but only after realizing.
If I say more about this in particular I will have to spoil the events of the movie on you, but the big sad moment in the movie is like a trip back to many similar moments we saw so often in Pixar movies. And when you combine this with the familiar "you have to find courage" plot, it feels like The Good Dinosaur is simply recasting an old familiar plot in a different light.

On a technical level, The Good Dinosaur's graphics are beautiful, especially the photorealistic ones. We've never seen water and landscapes look so realistic in an animated movie.

The production of The Good Dinosaur has received extensive media coverage, with a change of director and producer, extensive story alterations, and a release date pushed back more than a year. Perhaps as a result of all these internal issues we feel that the film, while very interesting, is also familiar and predictable (especially since it came right after the hugely successful Inside Out), and it borrows a lot of elements and metaphors from previous Pixar and Disney films.

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It loooks like a very brave father! good choice