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I like to put aside movies or tv series to watch latter, sometimes I set a group of movies of certain theme or topic and watch them in series, in this case I have been doing this with a group of horror movies, I made a thread yesterday.

Set of horror movies to watch
In d mood for some Horror I have been putting aside, for the next five days 1)NOPE 2)SMILE 3)THE MENU 4)HOUNDED 5)THE VISITOR

I have seen the trailer for some of this movies but NOPE was one that I didnt get too much info before watching it but my expectations were high since in the cast was Daniel Kaluuya and Michael Wincott to mention two main members of the cast, on most sites they describe this movie as a Horror movie although it was not the case.

Horror films may incorporate incidents of physical violence and psychological terror; they may be studies of deformed, disturbed, psychotic, or evil characters; stories of terrifying monsters or malevolent animals; or mystery thrillers that use atmosphere to build suspense. Source

There was violence, there was no psychological terror, no evil character, no "terrifying monster", no mystery thrillers.

Recently I saw "Prey for the Devil" and on that movie there was some of the above although the finish was too good, to have comparison of what is a Horror movie.

With all this explain, why I don't consider it a horror movie but its a SciFi movie, I would say a good enough movie to kill a few hours.

Main Cast:

  • Daniel Kaluuya - OJ Haywood
  • Keke Palmer - Emerald Haywood
  • Brandon Perea - Angel Torres
  • Michael Wincott - Antlers Holst
  • Steven Yeun - Ricky 'Jupe' Park
  • Wrenn Schmidt - Amber Park
  • Keith David - Otis Haywood Sr.



Oj Haywood is the son of Otis Haywood Sr. he lives and works at his father's horse ranch, its a family business that his father have grown, on one of the very first scenes the movies goes right into action, while Oj is walking on his way to the hose opens his flip phone probably to call someone and sees how there is static until the phone shuts down, his father hear some voices like someone screaming and suddenly after that a lot of objects start falling from the sky, keys, metal balls and some other random objects until one hit his father in the face hurting him badly an eventually dying at the hospital.

Oj notice this was very strange event, some were saying it was stuff that fall from a play but that very same moment lights and communication went out while he was continually hearing voices in the sky and having power outages.


For the most part Oj and his sister Emerald ran his father horse ranch, horses were train to act in commercials or movies, but it looks like Oj was not too social so his sister was the one running the PR aspect of the business, she was way more active and friendly, although her responsibility and decisions on life were questionable.


Business was not doing so great and Oj was selling his dad horses one by one to Ricky, the owner of a new local theme park Ricky Jupe Park.


Ricky was an actor from a young age that became wealthy after surviving a terrible accident, he use to be part of a tv show called Gordys Home that included a chimp that one day for some reason the chimp got scare by balloons that were part of that day episode, balloons started to pop and the chimp went wild brutally killing everyone on the set, at the moment he found Ricky under a table he was about to fist bump and someone blow the brains out of chimp by shooting him in the head.


For me this was the only horror scene because it was very bloody although not to the extreme that we see the chimp smashing peoples head but he was all cover in blood and look very dangerous, other than those five to ten minutes I don't see why this movie would be a horror movie, its more a Sci-Fi movie for what's about to happen.


One night Oj was looking after one of his horses, they were both looking at the horizon until the horse went off, ran away as fast as he could, very often animals can sense danger so good old horse said that's not my problem Im gone, Oj went after him in the middle of the night while all of the sudden he sees lights from other establishments go off and then on in a sequence as like something or someone who was cruising the area cause lights to go out, he looks at the sky and sees the shade, heard the screams, Oj doesn't know what's going on but he knows there is something up there.

He talks about it with his sister, this two are crazy, instead of going away or try to kill it they decide to film it because this is the shot that will make them tons of money, the Oprah Shot call it Oj.


Oj and Emerald decided to buy new CCTV Camera and equipment to get the shot, at the shop they met Angel Torres, a lonely sales guy who since day one offer himself to help them install the equipment after he discovers they were trying to get a shot of something that was not human, probably a UFO.

Here is the other thing with this movie, there was no mystery, all characters that not were too many were very clear and simple on their role, not saying thats bad but what good is a horror movie without a mystery?

Their first encounter with the monster that look like a UFO was a failed attempt to record it, at least they know its after horses to they set a fake horse that Emerald rob from the theme park and the monster swallow it that night. They failed their first attempt because the monster creates a magnetic field that turn off every electronic so they decided to contact an expert, come in Antlers Holst.


Antlers is a very eccentric film maker, he likes working with old equipment a very vintage way of recording video, Emerald contact him after doing some research because she thinks that by using old equipment some of it might not need power and she was correct.


Remember Ricky? He knew what was going on, buying horses from Oj just to offer them to this monster, he had a show for this gather people on a set to watch the monster suck the horse from the ground and eventually eat it.

Ricky is a character that piss me off, I find him opportunistic and a coward, usually those to go by hand, he was putting up a show with the horses he was buying from Oj until that afternoon where the Monster took everyone with him and not only the horse.


With the help of Antler, Oj, Emerald and Angel came up with a plan to record the monster but things go south after a TMZ member came to town to record the monster that very same day and was in the middle of shot, eventually they record the monster but Antler was a crazy man, he had this obsession with on time shot or the shot that nobody could get and runs through the field so the monster could suck him up from the ground while he records it.

Until that part of the movie its all great its a Sci Fi movie with a crew trying to hunt a monster that suck horses from the ground but the end is what bothers me the most.


Here the monster before evolving, flying disc with a hole as mouth that sucks everything that looks at him from the ground, no eyes no face no nothing just suck things from the ground.


To the evolve as an alien kite who Emerald feed the Ricky Park balloon


After the kite eat the balloon it exploeds into dust, reporters get to the scene and the end.

I really thought there was more into this movie, some interdimensional monster or evil in the sky, never though of a lot of killing and blood but they try to do both things and didnt go well, you cant do both in such short time, that requires a lot of talent from the director and the writers, its not easy. Its crazy what humans do to profit even from a monster either having a show like Ricky where the monster is the protagonist or film it like Oj ans his crew who almost die trying to film the monster.

In my opinion its a good Sci-Fi movie but its a very bad horror movie.

I give this movie a 6 out of 10.

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I loved Nope. It started a bit slow, but by half way I was loving it. It's a lot about the viewer too, and how we turn our gaze away rather than face reality (think 'Don't Look Up' and our attitudes to climate change or other disasters - it is easier to look away) but also how far people will go for a story and how people profit from stories and repackage them for audiences.

There were definitely shades of Close Encounters in there and reference to other alien/sci fi movies. I thought it was pretty clever and the main gag really was 'nope' - as in, 'this is not happening, no way, I'm not dealing with this'.

Although I had my doubhts, I thought it was a really fun film and appreciate a film that can experiment a little.


"how far people will go for a story and how people profit from stories and repackage them for audiences" I thought the same, its a crazy idea to instead of running away or killing the monster, NO you want to profit from it WTH jajajaj , I think the marketing they did to the movie was not probably accurate but yest I thought the same, all this people are crazy trying to profit from the monster, for me probably the end would be better if all died as Ricky did