Smile (2022) - Story of Depression - Horror Movie

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To go with todays markets theme, last night had the opportunity to watch Smile (2022) a horror movie, this movie is in fact what I would call a Horror movie, its very different than NOPE that was presented as another Horror movie but for me there are a few things that need to appear on a movie or certain behaviors from the characters. It all depends on the type of horror movie. This movie was not as predictive as I thought it would be and I really like that, one of the things I hate the most are any type of movie where I can see what's coming from a mile away.

  • Full fiction: alternate world with monsters that kill people or torment you at certain situations
  • Gore Fest: Halloween type, murder or butcher that chop people and keep them in salt to torture them
  • Mental Health: trauma that torment people day an night, in fact there are many "demon possession" movies that in reality are based on some sort of trauma

Smile fits on many of this categories since we have a couple of murder, blood, trauma at day and night (love those) and ends up with a demon that I felt was a bit rush, but still over all it was good, probably not a movie I would watch many times in a year but for sure recommend it, if you saw the ring and like it then Smile is a movie for you.


Main Cast:

  • Sosie Bacon - Rose Cotter
  • Jessie T. Usher - Trevor
  • Kyle Gallner - Joel
  • Robin Weigert - Dr. Madeline Northcott
  • Caitlin Stasey - Laura Weaver
  • Kal Penn - Dr. Morgan Desai


I have seen some of the cast perform in the past, like Kal Penn in house and many comedy, Sosie Bacon in 13 Reason Why, overall the cast was good although there were just a few secondary characters that were a bit plane but that's fine probably just me asking for a better acting like you even care for example Trevor who is Rose boyfriend, I think even though he tried to separate from Rose when he start seen her behavior could put a bit more in the character performance.


The main character of the movie is Dr. Rose Cotter, a therapist who is a workaholic, a devoted therapist to her patients who no life out of her job, has a boyfriend but looks like he is always busy too giving Rose an excuse to spend most of her time at a hospital that works mostly for charity, latter on its mention that Rose mother suffer of some trauma that eventually got her to commit suicide, reason why Rose became a doctor, to help others since she feels that at a young age when her mother died she was not capable to help her and didnt do enough so now she tries to manage those emotions by spending most of her time at the hospital treating her patients.


Eventually Rose gets a new patient that just saw someone dye in front of her, Laura Weaver, who at first look very scare out of control nervous , try to explain Rose what she was going through, the voices, the smiles, how people transform in front of her, its not just a regular kind smile, its more like telling her she or someone is going to die and cant stop seen this people but Rose has no idea what she is talking about and decides to treat her as a regular patience with some sort of mental health problem, at that point Laura suffer some sort of attack and falls to the floor, immediately Rose calls for help and the first victim shown in the movie happen to be Laura, she kills herself in front of Laura cutting her neck.


After Laura dye almost immediately Rose starts seen people smile just the same way Laura did before dying, just as she describe it that evil smile that she constantly see, at first it was just smiles but eventually people start talking to Rose and she was the only one that could see them and listen.

First saw one of her patience smiling at her telling her someone is going to dye, she is going to dye, that got her scared and call security on him, that make her boss Dr. Morgan reconsider the situation and that it was possible she is too tired and miss judge the situation so he send her home for one week.


Rose at home with her boyfriend Trevor start seen Laura smiling at her standing in a corner at first, I felt it was just too classic that she gets a phone call, so I knew whats next, she start listening to this voice telling her to look back just for her to wake up and listen to the same call again like she never pick up the phone. We start to see the beauty of a good trauma in a movie, mind games starts and the person been attacked now cant differentiate reality from dreams so anything goes at day or night.


Rose start to loose sleep and cant concentrate so she pays a visit to her therapist Dr. Madeline but was not for a session, she want to be medicated so she can try to stop seen her torment but Madeline decline as she needs more time and sessions with her to properly medicate Rose if necessary, this makes Rose take another route and try to investigate by herself what's happening and understood there must be some connection to Laura.


When Dr. Madeline decline getting Rose medicated she kept having episodes and her boyfriend Trevor throw her under the buss with Madeline, here is where I feel that Trevor had more to give as a character but failed as he just got away from her even telling her that he is not going to stand next to her during this times as he knows how her mother dye. Rose decided to look for professional police help but she had Joel, an ex lover who is still after her, she ask him to investigate Laura death and the ones before her, turns out that there was a pattern but only one survive.


Robert Talley, he was tormented too, at this point in the movie I would call it demons since thats how victims felt it was, Talley is in prison after killing a man, back at the hospital Rose patient kept telling her "someone is going to die you are going to die" that essentially means either you die or you kill someone for this to stop and thats exactly what Talley explain her, he also told her that this was a curse from Brazil, for it to stop either the person needs to die in front of someone so the curse can be pass from one person to another or kill someone to get rid of it. He explain all this until he realize Rose has it and start screaming for guards to take her away, he got totally destroy by the fear that Rose generate in him because he didnt want to go through the same trauma, imagine getting rid of the curse just to get it back in jail, that would be epic jajajaja.


Rose decided to use science again and talk to Madeline but shortly understood there was nothing she can do but only confront this demon and her fear.


I send this picture to my wife and then she call me mad as F to stop sending her things that creepy, she cant stand horror movies jajaja.

Rose had no brakes, she kept watching the demon again and again, its funny how a smile can turn to be so evil and create such trauma in a person.
After she exhaust all the resources she had and decided to stop this madness Rose visits what seems to be her house when she was young, where her mom died to confront the demon and I thought she would be victorious but I was so wrong.


Here I present you depression, as you read this short resume of the movie explaining just snippets of different scenes I can tell Rose try everything, she try science, she try to get help from friends and family, she even try to get help from people she wouldn't ask for if it was not necessary like Joel, she contact outsiders who went through the same situation but nothing was enough, just as many cases of some sort of depression like Chester Bennington or Robin Williams, you may think just because someone is smiling they are ok but in the inside is a different world of suffering, sometimes they get push away by friends and family as Trevor did.

Rose exhausted, tired, scare, without strength or help gave in to the demon, in the movie after she gave in Joel comes to rescue her but it was too late, she smiles and kill herself just as her patient Laura did.

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