The best film for making you fly, giving you an adrenalin shot and then blaring classic 80's music directly into the mainline.

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A classic and a favourite of mine as a kid, you know you want to be in Top Gun!

Name - Top Gun

Year - 1986

Director - Tony Scott



► About

Well it is Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in their heyday being all like macho and stuff with fast fighter plot, no much acting but a whole bunch of action.

Here is the trailer with some great 80's music!


► What you loved about it

I guess Tom Cruise is a bit of a marmite, love him or hate him. Well I like marmite and I like Tom Cruise. Tony Scott is actually a great director often over shadowed by his brother. he has made some classic films and this is one of them. It does not miss a beat in its popcorn, cinema inducing action packed ride.


► How it influenced me

I got big motorbikes, aviator ray bans and a cool leather jacket....that is a lot of influence. I then went on to make cocktails and hustle at pool.....


► What part of it did you find most interesting.

Some of the songs are just classic, like this one...


► Any scene that still pops into your mind.

"I feel the need, the need for speed" is still a classic quote. But the film is all about the flight scenes! The watch the birdie scene always has stayed with me!

1 (1).png

► Why do you think it's significant and great.

It is part of the 80's culture. I think you will not be able to look back at the 80's films and not think or mention this film in some way. It might not be the best film in the world, but it is the best film for taking you into the cockpit of a fighter pilot, giving you an adrenalin shot and then blaring classic 80's music directly into the mainline.

10 out of 10 SUB masks

Now go watch it or listen to it!

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This movie will always be in everyone's memory, hate it or love it, it was in a style of the time that caused a lot of interest 🙂


this is a great film, and a favorite (and I did a write up last year on it). It is an adrenalin rush, and Val Kilmer also turns in a top notch performance.