Cine TV Movie Review - Little Miss Olivia.

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Little miss olivia is an amazing movie which I really fall in love with after watching. This movie really captivate my mind because I really love the way the movie was done. Ray Emodi actually placed a nice roll in this movie and this movie was centered around him because of the roll which he took. I have actually been seeing some movies which he has done and I begin to wonder if truly he won't be like that in reality. What is it I am talking of? He is either acting as a roll of an uncle who doesn't care about little one or either a man who is not ready to settle down or a father who behaves nonchalant to his family.


In this movie, he acted in the roll of an uncle who doesn't care about children and does not want to take the responsibility of taking care of any child. His uncle died and he his to take care of his nephew and now it is a battle he has to face . Ray has a girlfriend who love kids and now she know about ray's nephew and then made a suggestion that she should be brought to the hose so that ray can get to take her responsibilities and probably he will get used to that and prepare himself when he finally get married.

Ray's nephew was brought in to stay with them and for the very first day in his uncle's house, she was left at home and not taken to school by his uncle. Things gets more worse and ray was not even adapting to the system. At some point living with her nephew became very hard for him to bare and he had to call his girlfriend to come to his rescue.

Will this be an happy ending for both ray and his girlfriend?? Let see when you watch this movie.. Rating this movie, I will give it a 7/10. I gave this because I believe there are always room for more improvement.In whatever we do, we always ensure we do them diligently to get the best out of what we do..

This movie was released in the year 2022 and ever since it has been released, it has gone viral and trending on every platforms which you can watch this movie. Some cast in the movie are Ray Emodi himself, Miwa Olorunfemi, Dera Osadebe, Ego Nworjiand many others that made this a successful one..

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