Turn Of The Tide (Rabo de Peix) - Netflix (2023)

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Rabo de Peix

A municipality in Sao Miguel Island, Portugal. Until this event in history in the year 2001, most people probably never heard about this place. Four friends living on the island wondered what they did to deserve this life, nothing ever happens in Rabo de Peixe. Eduardo dreamt of going to America but could not leave his (almost) blind father until he had his surgery. He didn't have the money to pay for it so he didn't leave for America.

Their lives were about to change

Italian mobsters were sailing with a boat full of drugs and came into trouble. The boat had 2 mafioso on it and they were determined not to ask for help because the boat was filled with cocaine. The boat could not be saved, and all the drugs were washed to shore. But not everything arrived at the beaches, they managed to move parts of the drugs to a place where they could later come back to get it.

More excitement than the village can handle

Many of the inhabitants found cocaine, some of them used it, others sold it, then there were those that used it as a baking product, which was quite funny to see how people just consume whatever they find without knowing the background of the product. It made me wonder if this really happened or was added for amusement purposes. The story itself is based on a true event dating back to 2001 when a large quantity of cocaine was found in this little village. I remember hearing something about this event back then, but the story didn't stick so I was happy that this show was released on Netflix.

People going crazy

Of course, such a large quantity of cocaine will never be found without any troubles from the mafia afterward. The druglords needed to get back what was theirs and while the inhabitants were getting used to the partying, making money from selling it, and breaking out of the boring life they were used to, they were not planning on handing over these drugs that easily. They finally found a spark of hope, felt on top of the world, and thought this was the one life-changing event in their lives to get away from the island they called home.

What happens exactly is something you will have to watch for yourself, you can find it on Netflix. If you saw it, let me know if you liked it in a comment below.

What would I do?

While watching, I couldn't help but wonder what I'd do if I was living there and found one of these packages. Would I party like crazy or would I be smart and make money from it? I'm quite sure that I'd not party but stay low and hide it until the storm settled and nobody was looking for this anymore. What would you do? Honestly, you can't really blame those people for going bananas and partying their butts off if you live in such a small fishers town where nothing ever happens, this was their way of escaping reality, smart? Probably not, but also probably part of reality for many people if they were walking in their shoes. What do you think?

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