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Let's try this again. As I was dealing with some other things the last few days I came across the new Cinetv contest on Friday. After reading it I did not think I was going to be able to participate but just in case, I did a quick "pirate movies" search. I decided to check out Creepy Catalogs list of 22 Best Pirate Movies and Chose the 1981 production of Time Bandits. I'm not sure if this classifies as pirates but I believe it has the theme down, with a bit of a comedy sci-fi fantasy twist. It starts out in modern day (for 1981) Britain.

The main character Kevin, played by Craig Warnock appears to be a fan of historical battles and is swept up into his own fantasy when first a night on a horse busts through his closet door riding into a forest where once was his bedroom wall. On the second night he is kidnapped by six dwarves' who think he has something to do with their boss.

They go jumping through wholes in the fabric of space and time stealing valuables and just having all sorts of comical misadventures before they are lured into a trap set by Evil. This man is out to steal the map these dwarves stole from their boss who put them in repairs for punishment.

The adventure continues as does the comedy as the story progresses and things are revealed. The acting was decent for the time period and some of the costumes were pretty darn cool. If your looking for a light watch I highly recommend you give this movie a go, especially if you're a Sean Connery fan.

Aside from everything else I have mentioned so far, there is dialogue about certain topics you would not think should be in a movie like this but it only serves to further the story. There are also some parallels with a few other movies.

Upon doing a little more reading I discovered that even though I already knew Terry Gilliam was the producer, I found out that he had Michael Palin play a part in this. If you don't know who these two are (as I just unearthed), then you need to find out about this pair. If you know who they are then you may enjoy this movie even more. One last thing before I conclude this. Apparently, according to this, it is a trilogy. All around this was a great movie. Go watch it.

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