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I watched Secret Window many years ago now just before I actually went through a messy divorce (maybe it was fate) and it was a brilliant film. If I remeber rightly it might actually have been the week before!

No Spoliers as the film is really worth a watch and if I tell you how it all goes you will really lose out on the effects of the film.
Very similar to how if someone tells you how The Sixth sense ends, then it ruins the film.

Onto the film now, which I really did enjoy and even to this date still remeber it fondly.

It revolves around Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) who is going through what is easily described as a bit of a nasty divorce from his wife Amy Rainey (Maria Bello).
He retreats to a cabin to continue writing when he is met by John Shooter (John Turturro) who I will say is really good in the film and easily adds to the drame.
John is accusing Mort of plagerising one of his stories. Mort is adamant that he can prove that this isn't true and goes about looking for an article in maagzine that published the story many years ago.

As the film goes on it becomes a bit ugly in regards to the characters surrounding Mort. All seem to be orchastrated by John Shooter.
It looks like John has Mort right where he wants him and things take a step up in gear and become nasty quite quickly.

While watching I did thoughly enjoy the film and felt that the story and acting were on par with a decent film. I woulnd't say they were the best performances but it was an enjoyable experience to say the least.

I really loved the story, it was a simialr sort of films that I had been watching ovver recent weeks and really gripped me quite early on.
I do struggle at times to get into films at times but this did well to capture me so early on.

There is a sad part with a dog in the film which normally I don't feel is needed in a film. But it makes sense and adds to the nature and urgency that is building within the film.

The part that really sticks with me is the ending and the final scene is something that was so well thought out and done that it has stayed with me all these years.
It's just such a good ending that it really made for a great finish to a great movie.

The day before I had watched Rear Window which is a classic by Alfred Hitchcock and this is how I stumbled upon Secret Window.

Other great mentions for Johnny Depp movies are Sweeny Todd, Corpse Bride and Sleepy Hollow.
All are easily in my all time favourite films and are ones I have watched numerous times over the years.

As an Actor I have always found Johnny great in everything he put his hand too.
Even some more dubious films like Dark Shadows which was weird as hell.

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I loved Sweeney Todd. I'll have to check out this one as well.

Mostly just stopped by to give you a !PIMP slap though. 😉 Have some !PIZZA as well!