CineTV Contest #15 - Your Favorite Sci-Fi TV Show

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Hello CineTV

Another contest is at an end and it was beautifully carried out by our resident overwatcher papacrusher and we know how marvelous he is at it! I think we've found a great many shows we never heard of and I'm looking forward to keep myself busy with some of them! And now lets see the winners from our last contest "Favorite underrated tv shows" -

First Place -

@lett wrote on Parks and Recreation, a sitcom by NBC in which a naive young woman takes her workplace by surprising ideas and tries to bring about changes. lett argues the show lacks usual office-comedy tropes, which is a good thing in a show.

Second place -

@joseal2020 wrote on Underrated Tv Series HOUSE MD, a medical drama based on the character of Sherlock Holmes, in which the titular character is an alternate ego of SH. Such a brilliant show yet it usually gets overlooked.

Third place

@larissalugo talked about two tv shows they find underrated in their entry, one is about a teen girl detective and the other one is about a football team and their coach. We found both quite intereting!


225 CINE COINS will be transferred to the winners.

Now if anyone disagrees with our choices then please tag us in a comment on this post!

And let's move on to the new contest!


Your Favorite Sci-fi Show!


Science-fiction is one of the most popular genre for sure but in some cases the underlying fictional part can be quite tricky to handle in a short session like a film. Hence, we have sci-fi shows. From Star Trek to Doctor Who, fans have cared with their lives for many long running series that took us to the fantastical world of imagination. And some we love despite how short and unfinished they were, like Firefly.

It's a great pleasure to go back to your roots, to explore these shows again, with more matured eyes. That's the topic of this contest.

Write about your most favorite Sci-fi shows.

Winners and prizes

This contest will have 3 winners and 225 CINE in prizes. They will be distributed as follows.

  • 2ND Place — 75 CINE
  • 3RD Place — 50 CINE

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  • Publish your entry from our frontend or post to cinetv community if you prefer peakd, ecency or
  • The entries should be written in English for evaluation purposes (You can translate from your mother tongue if you want to.)
  • The post title should include CineTV Contest:. For example, CineTV Contest: Your Title Here.
  • Use #cinetvcontest among your tags.
  • Include a link to this post somewhere in your entry. So your friends can find this easily.
  • Put down a comment with the link of your entry on this post below.
  • Only one entry per person.


  • The submission deadline is 25th May, 2022, 11:59 PM, UTC time.

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Evaluation and Some Tips

  • You can use these prompts as a helping hand (purely optional) but you're free to go however you want.
    ► What you loved or hated about it.
    ► How it influenced you (and/or people around you).
    ► What part of it did you find most interesting.
    ► Any scene that still pops into your mind.
    ► Performance of the actors/actress that left an impression.
    ► Why do you think it's significant and great (or not).

  • You're free to include multiple films in your entry.

  • There's no need to be mechanical. Write with a free hand. We might overlook if you forget to do a step or two stated in the rules (except the first one).

  • We'll evaluate the posts based on the writing quality, sincerity, and faithfulness to the spirit of the contest.

Happy Writing then! Blog on!

The cover photo is edited in photoshop.

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congrats to all the winners. all prizes, including the Video Vic card have been sent!


This was an amazing contest and a great experience for me. Many thanks for your support.


Thank you very much! I am glad that I was a part of this contest and even won cine coins.

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Congrats to the winners! Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!


I couldn't attend last week, due to time constraints, but this week I will definitely try to set my time well.

Congratulations to all winners!


Excellent contest, I really had fun writing for this initiative, thank you very much for everything.


May have to get in on this one, but my list is so expansive in that arena - I love Sci-Fi! The new Love, Death & Robots just came out, so may do that - been a killer show. I also like one called Black Mirror that is just insane and who doesn't like Stranger Things??? Supernatural was cheesy at times but still awesome. But of all time? X-Files might make that list along with The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Doctor Who anyone? Sheesh, got me thinking now.

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OMG @enginewitty. You remember The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits! I lived through that era and watched every single episode of those two. I still can see Rod in that suit and hear his voice on Twilight Zone.

Sorry I missed this contest cause I would have surely written on my all-time, all-time favorite: WEIRD


YES! They came on all early in the morning so I had to get up before school to watch them! Serling was a master at setting the tone. Not many been able to do it like him since.


Congratulations to the winners. I love House when it was on and never missed an episode.


Genial, estaré participando en este concurso. Felicidades a los ganadores de la edición anterior.