Cine TV Contest #40 - Favorite Tom Hanks Movie (Sully)

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Tom Hanks has left a real mark in cinematic works in various fields, and here we see in this Contest a lot of works that were and still are one of the most important films that passed through history, and in this post I will share with you a film that was about a true story.

This movie, based on a true story, was produced in 2016 and directed by the genius director Clint Eastwood, who excelled in telling the details of this movie, in which you may feel boring, but it tells the story of a plane landing and a pilot who performed a heroic act in 2009.

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The story of the movie

The film begins with Captain Pilot “Sulley” as he sends a distress signal to the control towers of the airlines, because the two planes have broken down and the plane will crash. His assistant “Jeff” tells him that the altitude has decreased, then the plane descends towards New York City, and Captain “Willie” tries. To avoid a collision with a building.

And all the passengers on the plane are in a state of terror because of what is happening, but unfortunately the wing of the plane collides with a building, then Captain “Sully” says to “Jeff’s” assistant that he loves him very much and is grateful for the period of working with him, then the plane falls in the city and explodes, but suddenly the movie shifts that this was A dream of “Sulli” and he wakes up after that.

In the news bulletin, the news of the successful landing of an American Airlines plane on the Hudson River is broadcast, and that the pilot, Sully, saved the lives of 155 passengers on board. The news describes that what happened was a miracle.

Why did he decide to land on the Hudson River instead of turning back at LaGuardia City Airport? And the pilot, “Sully,” replies that he made this decision because the plane was high above the ground, and he did not allow that, and there was also a question, which is how he was able to calculate all these things? The pilot, “Sully,” replies that he did not calculate anything and that he was relying on his great experience due to the thousands of flights he had made.

The next day, the pilot “Sully” gives the press interview, and the announcer asks him about his feelings of being a national hero. The pilot says that he is not a hero and that he was just doing his job. After the interview ends, he looks out of the window, hallucinations occur to him, and he sees a plane falling and crashing in the city, and he meets the pilot “Sully” And “Jeff” the assistant with the investigators again, and the investigator “Charles” says that one of the engines was running slowly and several tests were done through the flight engine.

On the same day of the incident, it will be a very normal day, and the pilot “Sully” and his assistant “Jeff” will do the usual checks, then they will take off the plane. Sully, and discovers that the engines are out of control, and the passengers begin to worry greatly, and "Sully" calls the airline control center, and they try to do their utmost to clear the airport runway for the plane to land.

It seems that things are similar again, as the pilot will have to go through the same experience at this time, so will he succeed, and he will bear the reasons for losing control of the plane again, as this is what you will enjoy in the movie.

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