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In this new Contest we have a new idea that we propose, which is work, and in this film I will not talk about work as a job, but here will be work in order to survive and to find a way of life in a place where all means of communication have been cut off, so this film will be a positive point in determination and challenge.

The story

The movie Cast Away, produced in 2000, revolves around a person who works for a courier company, who goes on a flight to deliver some parcels, but the plane crashes due to bad weather, to meet his fate on a remote island where there is no one, to face the horrors Living like a primitive man, through this article we will discuss a presentation of the scenes that had a clear imprint in communicating many of the messages and meanings that the director wanted to convey through photography and creativity in taking frames and scenes.

The events of the film begin with the scenes of the express mail parcel, which will remain the mysterious part in the movie throughout the events, and the cadre is taken to expel and the camera is moved and the angle of photography is taken from it moving until it reaches the cart. He should not open it until we reach the end scene and hand over and return the parcel to the sender, and this is what the director wanted to convey a message to the viewer that Tom Hanks, despite all the horrors he faced on that island and despite opening all parcels except for this parcel, he kept Even with a small part of his commitment and love for his profession in which he has always been meticulous and disciplined.

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Delivering to the viewer the extent of the surprise and astonishment of Tom Hanks and his look at the island for the first time, and the angles that were used: the first is a low angle from the bottom, the second is a side profile angle frame, and the third is a medium close up frame, which is a medium close up Tom Hanks appears in the middle of the frame and behind him is the island, and this is the only shot in the movie in which Tom Hanks appears in the middle of the frame in an unusual way, which we will explain in the rest of Tom Hanks scenes on the island.

And from the beautiful beginning scenes also, at the angle of shooting shoulder over the from behind the shoulder, while he is giving a lecture to his work team about time discipline and commitment With the arrival of the parcels on time, and suddenly the door opens, and Tom Hanks flies in trying to catch the door. In this scene, the photographer used the angle of Angle Dutch, which is a tilted angle that is usually used in moments of confusion, disaster and imbalance.

And when the fire is lit, the scene begins with a close up shot on the piece of wood that will be ignited with the accuracy of the details of the scene and the communication of the viewer’s sense of difficulty, and this was clearly shown by moving between the shots, which begins with a profile close up of the face, then a shot Full face frontal, then move to Extreme close up shot, which is very close to the eye only, and shows the extent of focus and anticipation that appeared through Tom Hanks' look.

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After many unsuccessful attempts to find someone, he began to find the means first to survive and then to survive. He began writing the word "HELP" on the sand of the beach, but despite these many attempts, no one found him, as Chuck would have to stay on the isolated island, and his foot was injured. Because of the island's rocks, then he begins to find food to survive, he begins by collecting coconuts, but finds it very difficult to break them, but he finally succeeds with simple methods, and makes his shoes with tree leaves before the sea throws the body of one of the crew members who will take his shoes, but he will find him small About his size, but he opens a slit in the front to fit his feet.

He also tries to fish, but he only gets a small fish, and he has to eat it raw, he tries to eat sea crabs, but he finds their flesh is liquid and needs fire, and he has to eat the fruits of coconut, then he tries to make a fire by knocking two trunks together again and again, in vain until his hands crack and bleed. Chuck gets very angry and throws a volleyball with his bloody hand that will make his friend "Wilson" and as the picture of his fiancée Kelly does not leave him, as well as one of his molars suffers decay, and he cannot bear the pain, which leads him to break it with a skate shoe and then falls unconscious, Chuck spends four years on the island, and one day begins building a boat to take him home after one of the parts of the wrecked plane he made a sail for his boat was tossed by the waves and the struggle continue ....

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Nice point of view about a different meaning for the word "work"